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Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping, Decorations and Totes

Updated on March 19, 2011

Totes can be used to carry your groceries or to store crafts

Creativity is the best part of Holiday celebrations. Wrapping paper made from newspapers or fabric, wreaths made from greenery trimmed from bushes or trees and Halloween bags made from a pillowcase or a reusable cloth bag. What do these of these examples have in common? They are all eco friendly.

It seems unreasonable to spend as much money on the wrapping as you spend on the gift. Instead of throwing away newspapers and advertisements make great wrapping paper from them. Make them more special by saving papers that have articles relating to either the recipient or the gift its self.

Reusable Produce Shopping Tote Bag

 Fabric remnants make beautiful gift-wrap. Make the wrapping part of the gift by securing the fabric with an interesting broach. Instead of buying ready made bows use hair ribbons that will be used instead of being tossed in the trash.

Wreaths are used as decoration throughout the year. A new one can be constructed for each holiday or one basic wreath can be re-decorated for more than one holiday. Wreaths made from evergreen greenery lasts for a long time if stored in a cool dry environment. Grapevine wreaths last even longer. You can construct your own or you can purchase one at any craft store. Decorations can be live berries, dried fruit, stuffed toy animals or Christmas ornaments. Your imagination is the limit.

Solar lights that resemble candles are another great way to decorate a wreath, a door, a window or path.

Create your own Halloween Candy Bag

Christmas and Halloween bags are a huge part of a kid’s enjoyment. The Halloween bag can compliment their costume, they can convey a message and they can be eco friendly. They may be made of fabric or paper. Paints, crayons, glitter can be used to decorate and think of the fun the older kids could have with their own electric scissors ot cut out spooky shapes. Christmas bags can be used and gift wrapping and to carry your presents home from Grandma's house!

Electric scissors for kids. Little fingers are protected by the off on safety switch.
Electric scissors for kids. Little fingers are protected by the off on safety switch.


After Halloween and after the bag has been emptied of its cargo a Halloween bags can be re-purposed. They can hold books, toys and craft items into the future. After Christmas a Christmas bag can store other Christmas decorations until the next Christmas season.

With a bit of guidance and child-like imagination the holidays can be a fun and eco-friendly. At the end of the season less will be thrown away and more will be re-used.


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    • profile image

      Ka'Lu 9 years ago

      A little different from your usual fare. A lot of neat items, many budget friendly. Thanks.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 9 years ago from NW Indiana

      Good ideas and nice you shared them. C.S.