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6 Purse and Bag Organizers Review

Updated on August 18, 2013

Purse organizers let you change bags within minutes. Yes, this is a big deal. Anyone that has tried to quickly clean out a purse or bag and then transfer all of that “stuff” to another purse or bag appreciates the simplicity of a purse organizer. Over the years I have used several different options trying to get the same results.

I have used the bag in a bag trick. I have used make-up bags, plastic baggies, travel cases and even vehicle map organizers. Overall they worked fairly well but each left me wanting and needing more. I want protection for my digital camera, a place for my ink pens to stand up straight, assorted sized pockets for gadgets like flash drives with enough space left over for my Vaio P Series Lifestyle laptop and a case for all of my plastic cards.

Sure, I could just buy bigger bag. Been there and done that. Bigger does not solve problems. A bag that it taller encourages stacking. Then I am back to digging for what I need. My keys are always at the bottom and those pesky receipts are always at the top. As I pull my keys out everything on top comes out with them. A purse organizer provides organized spaces for the “on top” items.

  • The Ultimate Organizer Purse Organizer is the one I use. My purse is approximately 14” long and approximately 8.5” tall. I can carry all of gadgets I used to carry in my much larger bag. The organizer is about 4” inches tall and has narrow pockets stitched all around. A key fob is attached by a strip of fabric. Velcro can hold it in a smaller footprint but I allow mine to form itself around the bottom of my purse. My card wallet fits at one end and my tiny laptop fits in the center.
  • The Cherry Brand Handbag Organizer is one that I like the looks of. It has several skinny pockets around the outside that would work well for makeup items, flash drives and ink pens. A cell phone pocket and a few wider pockets are there as well. There is an open well in the center of the organizer for the larger items such as wallets and hair brushes. I am not sure that a laptop would fit but a small date book probably would. A finishing touch is two small handles that would be most handy when changing bags.
  • The Purse Bright Lighted Organizer is similar to the Ultimate Organizer is a line of pockets that circle the bottom of a purse or bag. One difference is that each separate pocket has elastic at the top. There is also an LED light built in to help find your gadgets and keys in the dark.
  • The Kwiki Purse Insert Organizer is designed as an insert. It too has multiple pockets around the outside but it differs in that it is available in three different sizes. If you have a large purse or bag this may be a good fit. There is room in the center for a wallet, hair brush, sunglasses or just about anything you want to put there. Changing from bag to bag is so easy.
  • The Lady Elegance Purse Organizer is yet another design for a purse organizer. The storage is all on the inside. There are six credit card slots, a cell phone pocket, a zippered change purse, ink pen pocket, an attached key chain and pockets for two tubes of lipstick. The open storage in the center is ample for a wallet, hair brush or date book. Like the other mentioned purse and bag organizers the Lady Elegance is easy to transfer from bag to bag.
  • The On the Go Purse or Briefcase Organizer is great for airline travel or a trip to the office. It is an all black nylon and has convenient pockets that hold everything from your wallet to stamps. There are always those little essentials that have to be taken with you that clutter up an ordinary bag. Fill the pockets and slip the organizer into a tote bag, messenger bag, brief case or suitcase.

Any purse or bag organizer will add just a little weight. However, the organizational abilities are worth a few ounces as far as I am concerned. In fact, as with my digital camera – no extra case is necessary so that weight and bulk is eliminated.

I carry several electronic gadgets in my purse so I need a better way to carry them on a daily basis. I believe that I have found it. I no longer look like the quintessential bag lady. If I decide to backslide I can simply lift my purse organizer out of my purse and set it inside of my larger bag in a matter of seconds.

Do you use a bag organizer?

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