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Electric Massage

Updated on August 13, 2009

A massage is a luxury that most people cannot afford on a regular basis. Nevertheless, everyone has stress and could benefit from a daily massage. With the help of electric massagers, the daily massage can be a reality for everyone. Electric massage is not as effective as massage services from a masseuse, but it can relieve tension in your back, neck, extremities. An electric massager can come in many forms including, electric massage chairs, electric massage beds, electric massage tables, and portable electric massage equipment like electric massage wands and electric massage pads. The reason that these massage techniques can be a reality for everyone is that they are not that expensive when you consider the cost of a massage in a salon. You would only have to use a top of the line electric massage chair 50 times to get back your investment. Electric massage tools are an excellent way to pamper yourself on a daily basis.

There are many different things to consider if you are interested in purchasing a chair like this for your home.  First, you need to decide if you want a chair where the leg supports for the massage are permanent like in the picture or on a moveable ottoman.  The ottoman option will make the chair seem more like a normal piece of furniture rather than a chair specifically for the purpose of massage.  Another feature to consider is whether the seat will have built in controls or a separate remote.  Again, the remote will make it easier to camouflage the chair as a regular sitting option and the built in controls will give away its purpose.  However, the remote is easily lost and if you lose the remote, you lose the purpose of the chair.

If you have a lot more room in your home then you might want to consider getting a massage table rather than a chair. This way, you will not have to worry about making the massage tool blend into the rest of your furniture. You can find a separate room for your table. This room can be set up with candles, incense, low lighting, and music to put you in the mood for relaxation. The tables can be a much larger investment though.

If you are looking for a used electric massage table then there are many places you can look. Chiropractors who are going out of business or day spas that have to close up shop are good places to look for an inexpensive option. You can also shop on places like eBay or Amazon for tables that will tilt and vibrate electronically. If you do not spending more money, you can get items form wholesalers who are the same vendors that doctors and businesses use to buy their equipment. There are also brick and mortar stores that sell gadgets for the home where you can find a massage chair or massage bed.

The electric massage bed is a new trend that is starting to catch on. This is a contraption similar to a vibrating bed in a motel, but the motion is much smoother. In the bed, you can fall asleep to a gentle vibration in specific areas and you can set a timer to turn it off after a certain amount of time. The best places to get benefit our of electric massage machines is in the lower back, the legs, and shoulder and neck areas. These areas are best because they are natural pressure points that are more likely to touch the surface of your massager.

Another trend in this area of electronic gadgets is the electric foot massage. One kind of foot massage machine consists of a kind of boot that the customer puts their foot into. When you turn it on the boot squeezes and puts pressure on various parts of your foot. My husband is especially excited about this kind of electric massager because he really dislikes touching feet.


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