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Fake Security Cameras

Updated on July 6, 2009

Dummy Security Cameras

Fake Security Cameras are used to augment your video surveillance system. You might be wondering what the point is, they can't really capture video so why spend the money on them? If your purpose is to prevent crime then a fake security camera can be just as effective as a real camera. For them to be effective they must be indistinguishable from a real camera. If they are cheap looking imitations a thief or vandal won't be deterred. They also need to be installed in such a way that they look real. That means a power or video cable like a real camera might have, or antenna to look like a wireless security camera system. If they aren't in a visible area where a criminal can see them then they also won't do any good. If you are going to use a dummy surveillance camera then they must be visible, they must look like a real camera and the installation must mimic a real camera in terms of wiring, hardware, etc.

There have been some studies done on the effectiveness of surveillance cameras, and the findings have shown that for some type of crime they aren't effective. Anecdotal evidence seems to show the same. For example stopping fights in a public area. Every town seems to have a street lined with bars, and there always seems to be cameras lining that street. The incidences of fights doesn't go down. That isn't to say that the cameras are useless, they aren't they can be monitored and allow police to be alerted and arrive on the scene more quickly. They can also be used as evidence should any of the violence caught on tape go to trial. But for simple prevention of crime a fake security camera dome would be just as effective.

Surveillance Camera

Security camera by Husky via Flickr
Security camera by Husky via Flickr

Dummy Surveillance Camera Uses

Dummy surveillance cameras are best used with real security camera installations.  Security cameras basically act as intimidation to make a criminal think he or she is being monitored.  However, money is often an issue when purchasing security equipment.  If this is the case then real surveillance cameras should be purchased first.  A good tactic when using dummy security cameras is to place them in highly visible areas, while the real security cameras are placed in more hidden areas.  This can force the criminal to commit crimes in front of the real cameras.  Remember though, that the security camera and installation must look like a real camera.  

Fake Security Camera

Fake Security Camera by John of Austin via Flickr.  Notice the wasps nest, UPC sticker and broken LED seen inside this fake surveillance camera
Fake Security Camera by John of Austin via Flickr. Notice the wasps nest, UPC sticker and broken LED seen inside this fake surveillance camera

Dummy Surveillance Camera Installations

The best fake security camera is one that looks like the rest of the real cameras that you are using. If they have one wire coming out of them into the wall, then the dummy should have one wire coming out into the wall. If they've got two wires, then so should the dummy. Make sure that the wires appear as if they are actually hooked up, in the picture to the right you can see that the wires just go to the mounting bracket. There is no actual hole in the mounting pole. Being able to see the wasp nest inside the housing is also a dead giveaway. If your real cameras have blinking lights then your fake cameras should have blinking lights too. You can buy fake security cameras with batteries, or are powered by a low voltage system and will have blinking lights and even have motion detectors and move to make them look more real. You can get fake security camera with led, just make sure it doesn't look as bad as the picture above. If possible find a fake camera that looks like your real cameras. You can even buy empty camera housings from some companies, when you purchase the real cameras see if you can buy the empty housings to make a fake security camera. Make sure the lenses have glass and look real.

When you install the fake surveillance cameras make sure you check the angles they cover just as you would a real camera. A sophisticated (or experienced, rather) criminal will also check the angles the camera covers and if you've been sloppy, they will notice. A camera that doesn't appear to be properly placed will make the criminal operate in it's blind spot whether it's real or not. Even a real camera can be defeated by avoiding it's blind spot.


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