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Wireless Security Camera System

Updated on July 6, 2009

Home security systems are popular among homeowners and small business users and will probably continue to gain in popularity. The typical components include motion detectors and either contact sensors on window and door or sensors to detect whether or not the window or door has been open. Much less popular, especially in the U.S. are atmospheric alarms. These alarms, once set detect the atmospheric pressure in the building and sound an alarm when the pressure is lowered by a door or window being opened. Some car alarm systems use this sort of sensor. Some are adding fake security cameras to deter thieves but more effect is actual surveillance through hardwired and wireless security camera systems.

A wireless security camera system can come in many forms, and at a range of prices. The availability of broadband internet has made the wireless ip security camera system possible. An IP security camera is one that can send video over a computer network for live viewing. You can also find outdoor wireless security camera systems to view the perimeter of your home. There are also small discreet indoor systems that can be used as a “nanny cam”, basically to view employees in your home. There are even some cheap wireless security camera systems sold as baby monitors. They come with a small LCD screen and a camera with night vision.  

Security Camera Installation.

Wireless IP Security Camera System

By DanielVDM via Flickr
By DanielVDM via Flickr

Types of Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless IP security camera systems can be thought of as cameras with mini computers attached. They are self contained units that can take live video and send it out through a computer network or over the internet. That means you can log in a view the camera no matter how far away you are. As long as you have an internet connection you can log in to the camera and see what it sees. If you think of a web cam attached to a computer, that's basically what it is, just in one self contained unit. You can record the video to a hard drive and then burn it to a DVD. They come in indoor and outdoor versions.

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera Systems.

These consist of a camera unit and a base unit. Many times the cameras will have a ring or LED's around the lens to provide infrared light for night viewing. The base can be connected to a T.V. , VCR or wireless security camera system DVR or digital video recorder. If you have the right type of connection you can also connect it to your computer. One thing to think about is how the remote camera is powered. If it needs to be plugged in you'll have to place it where you can run a power cord, that kind of negates the whole purpose of a wireless security camera, doesn't it.

Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are basically hidden cameras that you can place in your house. They aren't meant to be an obvious deterrent like a typical security camera. With electronic circuits getting smaller and smaller these cameras can be the size of a pencil or smaller. Many of them are battery powered so you can place them anywhere without regards to a power cord. Many of them are placed in everyday items you might see around like childrens toys, clocks, speakers, etc. If they're integrated into and everyday item it won't be a cheap wireless security camera system. If you get just a miniature camera and receiving unit then your price will be much lower.

Baby Monitors

These are low cost indoor digital wirelss security camera systems, many come with an integrated LCD viewer and receiver. They must be plugged into the wall, and they typically aren't meant for security purposes. The range is not huge, usually about what a cordless phone would have, since they usually work on the same frequency. The cameras are not large, but they are obviously cameras and not something you'd want to hide.


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I bought the 2 camera system and this camera is Super! Yes you have to run a wire to power it (Duh!). But the signal is sent via 2.4ghz. RF (the wireless part). You can mount the little DVR anywhere that you can get reception. I have mine down in the Den next to my recliner, but, you can move it easily if you need to monitor from, say, the kitchen. The two way "intercom" is nice to have!

    • profile image

      security system 

      10 years ago

      hidden camera is really important to us they can protect us!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Surveillance cameras are definitely becoming a must have for homeowners. They are now more affordable and easier to install, especially the wireless systems. They are also great to keep an eye on your teenagers when you are out of town if you have an app that allows you to view the cameras remotely. :)


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