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Faux Leather Storage Boxes

Updated on October 22, 2014

Faux Leather Storage Boxes are a Decorative Way of Storing your Items

Using storage boxes to help organize your home is a great way to keep your excess clutter out of the way. These boxes are easy to use and very versatile, so you can use them in many different rooms of your home. You can stack them on shelves, in closets, or even under beds. Decorative storage boxes, like faux leather ones are an inexpensive, yet chic way to hide your items in plain sight. They're easy on the eyes but a great utilization of your space and can often times be utilized in more ways than one. "Faux" is a word that means false; faux leather is something that is designed to look and feel like leather, but is not actually leather.

When you're shopping for these faux leather storage boxes, you want to find something that is sturdy and will hold up well. This is especially important when you're looking to store heavier items like thick magazines, books etc. You also want something that will last, look pretty and work with your decor. After all, organizing shouldn't have to look boring.

Faux Leather Storage Baskets

Some of the best faux leather storage boxes that are found today offer a variety of different styles, durability and have a price point that is easy on the wallet. One great example is the Organize it All faux leather storage basket. At just around $25, this pretty basket has customers raving about how sturdy they are. The cross stitch pattern is very chic indeed and there are two handles for easy toting. This storage basket does not include a lid, so stacking probably isn't ideal, but it is fairly large and can hold a variety of items around your home.

Faux Leather Storage Ottomans

Double up on your seating and your space by utilizing these faux leather storage ottomans that are offered in a variety of colors by Kennedy Home Collection. This savvy faux leather ottoman is a great option for storage and you can stack them or mix and match them in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom for a plethora of items that you'd like to keep hidden. Keep your blankets, remotes, toys, magazines, books and other household hidden in plain sight until you need them. It's a sturdy place to sit, keep as a handy table top for finger foods and snacking or whatever other uses you can come up with . Add to all of these features the extremely convenient ability to fold flat. That alone is a major selling point. Rounding out at just around $30, this is an affordable investment indeed and consumers have been very happy with using these ottomans.

Sets of Faux Leather Storage Boxes

If you're looking for a set that will work well with your home decor and has lids for easy stacking, check out these faux leather storage boxes that come in a set of three by Cairo. This set comes in a very soft and fashion forward shade of brown, decorated with silver grommets and comes complete with a lid and handle on each for ease of handling. They are very handsome indeed. The set comes complete in three different size', small, medium and large. Approximate dimensions are: Small- 6.5 x 6.5 x 10; Medium - 9.5 x 9.5 x 13 ; Large - 12x 12 x 17. The set of three will cost you around $80.

Small Faux Leather Storage Boxes

If you're looking for some smaller boxes that you just want to pack and stack, these grey boxes are a fantastic option. Whether you're organizing greeting cards, photos or keepsakes, these boxes will keep your important items organized, easy to locate and safely hidden away. They can be used around the house from storing your bathroom items, toiletries and the like to stacking them on shelves and they do have lids and handles as well. They are offered in a variety of sizes, so you can mix and match according to your storage needs. They will cost you around $20.

Faux Leather Storage Boxes Add a Touch of Class

So, if you're looking for some fashionably savvy, reasonably priced and durable boxes to help organize your home in a variety of styles and colors, you're sure to find what you're looking for in this pool of faux leather storage boxes. Remember to check out the customer reviews to get all of the pros and cons while you're trying to make your final decisions. In addition, make sure that you are carefully checking the dimensions in the description to assure that you're getting the boxes big or small enough to accommodate your needs. Due diligence is important as no one wants to have unnecessary surprises when they arrive. Organize in style and enjoy rejuvenating and de-cluttering your home!


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