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Wood Fence Replacement – Cedar Fence Repairs – Install Fencing

Updated on May 14, 2012

Picket Fence

Picket Fence
Picket Fence

Fence Replacement – Fence Repairs – Install Fencing

It is time to consider fence replacement when:

  • You are sick and tired of having to worry about fence repairs
  • You realize that this time, the band-aid solution of a simple fence post repair isn’t going to save the patient in your yard
  • You woke up one morning after a storm, to find that the dry rot has gone too far and the wind has knocked your fence over
  • Your dilapidated fence is actually hurting the value of your property (who needs that in this housing market?)

By now you know that simple fence repairs are not enough –

Yet, like many homeowners, you may be concerned about the hassles, expense and pitfalls of hiring a fencing contractor.

It’s almost a cliché that contractors don’t listen – you try to tell them what you want but you end up getting what they want to sell you. “That’s the way we always do it” is not a good reason – they should be able to explain to you why fence styles and materials are right for you.

Perhaps you don’t really know the different fence styles available, or maybe you are confused about the advantages and disadvantages of different fencing materials – wood fencing vinyl fencing, metal fencing.

Or maybe the most important thing for you is finding someone you can trust to give you a great job at a fair price.

Garden Fence

A wood fence makes an excellent garden Fence
A wood fence makes an excellent garden Fence
A Garden Fence should display  your gardening skills while setting a boundary
A Garden Fence should display your gardening skills while setting a boundary

Wooden Fence Installation

I recommend fence replacement with a high quality, custom redwood fence – a wooden fence designed to enhance the beauty of your home and add to your property's value.

Here are some pointers to help you understand why a wooden fence installation may be the best way for you to go:

Privacy Fence, Stockade Fence, Picket Fence, or Ranch Rail Fence?

There are many fence styles, depending on your property and how you want to use your yard – privacy fence, semi-privacy fencing, stockade fence, picket fence, ranch rail fence, lattice fence.

Privacy fences are also called a good-neighbor fences, and usually have solid fence panels the full height of the fence. Semi-privacy fencing– typically has lattice on top and solid fence panels on the bottom.

Good Neighbor Fence

Vinyl Fence looks goot at first glance, but look closer...
Vinyl Fence looks goot at first glance, but look closer...
You can see the damage to the vinyl fence by normal yard maintenance. As they age, vinyl fences become brittle and stained.
You can see the damage to the vinyl fence by normal yard maintenance. As they age, vinyl fences become brittle and stained. | Source

Vinyl fences, vinyl fence panels, pvc fencing, pvc fence

Pvc fencing, pvc fence, vinyl fences, and vinyl fence panels are available for use as a privacy fence, semi-privacy fencing, picket fence or ranch rail fence.

Whether or not you need a long term fencing solution, vinyl fencing has a lifetime warranty, and is mostly maintenance free.

Vinyl fence tends to become brittle over time and tends to become dull, stained and discolored by the elements..

Vinyl Fences cost about twice as much as wood fences and yet they still don’t have the warmth and natural look of a wood fence.

And of course vinyl fencing is petroleum based, so it is not renewable and may eventually end up in a landfill where it will not decompose.

Metal fence - aluminum fencing, iron fences, wrought iron fencing, iron fence

Metal fence, such as aluminum fencing, iron fences, wrought iron fencing, iron fence, are good for applications like pool fencing, but are expensive and are not good to use for privacy fencing.

And can you think of anything uglier than a chain link fence?

Wood Fences

Wood Privacy Fence
Wood Privacy Fence

Wood fence panels, cedar fence, cedar fencing, wood privacy fence, wooden privacy fence, wood fences, wood fencing, wooden fence

Wood fencing comes in a variety of fence styles to suit your needs, is made from the most natural and renewable of resources.

Wood fences are durable, and a wood privacy fence will enhance the appearance and value of your home while providing many hours of outdoor enjoyment for your family.

A wooden fence ties your home to the outdoors, offering a visual transition that lets your yard become another room of your house.

In damp climates, dry rot is a big problem - so don’t let anyone sell you cedar fencing. A cedar fence will have you back in the fence replacement game not too many years down the road.

Redwood is the best material for damp climate fence replacement. Construction heart (con heart) redwood is very affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Nothing says outdoor lifestyle like quality redwood fencing – especially for privacy – a redwood privacy fence looks good, is long lasting and can be very affordable.

Fence Styles

Picket Fence
Picket Fence

Use a Small, Local Fencing Contractor

Wood fence installation shouldn’t be a hassle, and it isn’t when you use a small, local fencing contractor.

When they come out to provide an estimate, make sure who will be doing the work. And make sure you won’t have a bunch of strangers running around on your property.

When you talk, they should listen, so that you get what you want, not what some salesman on commission wants to sell you.

Request that they custom build the wooden fence to your specifications – they should help you realize anything you can visualize.

Make sure they are reliable, on time, and understands what you want and then gets it done on time - finishing the job quickly so you can enjoy the fence right away.

Make sure that they are large enough to handle the job, yet small enough to give you the personal service you deserve.

The fencing contractor should be licensed, bonded, and recommended by your neighbors.

After reviewing the estimate with you, the contractor should be willing to work with you to make sure you get a fence that you can enjoy that is within your budget.

If they won't negotiate the estimate, you should find someone who will.

It never hurts to get several estimates, but don't decide based on price alone. You get what you pay for - and often the low bid will not do the best wood fence installation.

Privacy Fence

San Francisco Privacy Fence
San Francisco Privacy Fence

When to Purchase a Wood Fence

Spring is the busiest season for fence repairs and fence replacement – so call early.

When the contractors get booked up it may cause delays in getting your fence installed and they will be less willing to negotiate price.

The best deals can be found in the off season when demand is lower and the fencing contractors are hungry.

What a New Wooden Fence Means to You

Imagine never having to worry about fence repairs again!

And with that lifetime guarantee comes pride of ownership – and the easy maintenance of quality redwood fence.

Just think how much more curb appeal and value your home will have…

Picture yourself enjoying the safety, security and privacy that comes with a fence replacement

And, all the relaxation and fun of being able to use your yard, lawn, or garden again.

Remember, “good fences make good neighbors”, and a wood privacy fence makes it easy to be a good neighbor!

Back Yard Fence

A whimsical back yard fence - private, but with a sense of humor
A whimsical back yard fence - private, but with a sense of humor


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