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Good Neighbor Fence San Francisco

Updated on May 14, 2012

Privacy Fence with Lattice

Privacy Fence - Good Neighbor Fence
Privacy Fence - Good Neighbor Fence
Older Privacy Fence
Older Privacy Fence
Privacy Fence - Good Neighbor Fence
Privacy Fence - Good Neighbor Fence
Nicely Weathered Privacy Fence
Nicely Weathered Privacy Fence
Privacy Fence - Good Neighbor Fence
Privacy Fence - Good Neighbor Fence

Good Neighbor Fence

You might have asked yourself, "Can I install a fence both myself and neighbor can be happy with?"

The answer is, " YES!"

In San Francisco there is an affordable, popular fence style that both you and your neighbor will enjoy – the Good Neighbor Fence.

The yards and property lines of San Francisco can be closer than most cities. Building a fence in a close situation can cause some hard feelings between neighbors.

Be sure to think about how a fence installation will impact each property owners’ enjoyment of their own yard. Privacy Privacy is a big concern as well as the visual appeal.

Few people would argue that having a fence that looks like the back side of someone else’s fence can ruin the looks of an otherwise handsome yard.

The most economical way to build a fence is to use 1x8x6’ fence boards.

The 1x8 verticals are installed with a slight gap in between and attached to 2X4 boards, and the 2x4 boards are supported by pressure treated fence posts that are placed every 8 feet.

The problem with this fence, is that one side is much more appealing than the other side.

In addition, since most standard fence boards are only 6’ high, your privacy is at risk.

There are several alternative fence styles that you and your neighbor both enjoy by sharing a slight additional cost.

The most popular solution for this predicament in San Francisco is a Good Neighbor Fence, sometimes built as a Privacy Fence.

The Good Neighbor Fence solves the appearance problem by overlapping or leaving no gaps between the fence boards and using the 2X4s as part of the design.

It is a bit more expensive than a standard fence, due to the additional materials and labor.

Of course since both neighbors get to enjoy the look, it is common for them to split the cost. A win-win situation since now we have a fence that both neighbors can enjoy.

But this is still basically a 6 foot fence. What if one or more of the neighbors but would prefer a little more privacy?

Wood Fence Styles - Garden Fence

Garden Fence
Garden Fence
Garden Fence
Garden Fence
Garden Fence
Garden Fence
Garden Fence
Garden Fence

Deck Stairs

Deck Stairs
Deck Stairs
Deck Stairs
Deck Stairs

Privacy Fence

We can add Privacy to a fence by adding onto the top of an existing fence or new fence installation.

We recommend adding lattice fence panels to the top of a wood fence to get the additional height.

The Privacy lattice usually comes up 16" to 2’ above the fence boards, which creates approximately an 8 foot high fence. (Make sure that the city building code allows this for your property).

Typically a privacy fence will provide about 2 extra feet of height to any fence, and also adds to the look of a fence.

By working with an experienced carpenter, you can get most any fence style that suits your needs.

Most popular are the vertical fence boards, but horizontal fence boards are an option and can be very ascetically pleasing. Horizontal fence boards can work well for Good Neighbor Fences, also.

When thinking of fence styles and fence designs you should also consider the fence gate and other ornamentation and decorations.

By choosing a custom carpenter and fence installer, special touches that add beauty and character to a fence can easily be added to the project.

Working with a professional carpenter and fence installer that can take your vision and execute it is key to creating a custom fence that will give you long lasting enjoyment, for you and your neighbor.

P.S. Remember, in addition to custom carpentry and custom fence installation, in San Francisco, M & L Construction can also provide retaining wall construction, construction wall installations, deck repairs and deck stairs to your specifications. Call Mark today at (415) 505-6093.


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