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Fight Weeds, Smells and Ants With Vinegar!

Updated on August 18, 2009

Calm down gentlemen, this HUB has nothing to do with feminine hygiene products….so you can relax. This HUB is actually about vinegar and all of the amazing things it can do (and YES, even you men out there may be interested!). Did you know that all vinegar starts out as alcohol (do I have your attention now, gentlemen)? When alcohol ferments, it actually becomes acetic acid….or vinegar. A good example would be wine. Grapes deteriorate to become wine (alcohol) and then wine ferments into wine vinegar…are you getting the picture? Over the years vinegar has been used to perform many tasks including warding off evil spirits, witches and yes, even the black plague. Well, my friends…vinegar has come a long way and not only is it delicious on French fries (especially the fries you can buy at the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland) it can be used for many other things such as soothing a jelly fish sting. So sit back, relax and read on to learn about the wonders of vinegar!

Vinegar and Laundry!

Who doesn't LOVE to do laundry…I know I do (please note sarcasm). Vinegar, in fact, can be used to assist you in the laundry room…and who doesn't like a little help in the laundry department?

  • I hate lint and pet hair! Ok, if you have read any of my previous hubs then you know that I am an animal lover and have one cat and three dogs (yes, I am insane). One of the biggest problems in my household is the over-abundance of pet hair. It is everywhere...including in my washing machine! In order to reduce lint build-up and to reduce the amount of hair that clings to clothes that are in the washing machine simply add a small amount of vinegar to the last rinse cycle. Trust me, you will be amazed!
  • As a Stain Remover! Some stains are tougher to get out than others (just ask my wife…she HATES doing my laundry). Here is a stain remover that you can actually make at home (and keep in a bottle in your laundry room). Simply mix ½ cup of vinegar, ½ cup of ammonia, ½ cup of baking soda, 3 squirts of liquid soap, and 2 quarts of water. Mix well. This mixture can be used on just about any tough stain that you can think of (personally, grass stains come to mind).

Keep cats OUT of your garden!
Keep cats OUT of your garden!

Pet Help!

  • If you have a dog then you probably give it regular baths (at least once every few months…I hope). Well, as you know, it is important that all soap residue is rinsed out of your dog's hair and off of his skin (if not, you will have one itchy and irritated dog). You can minimize soap residue after a dog's shampoo treatment by simply adding a very small amount of vinegar to the rinse water (rinse a final time with plain water).
  • If you have a garden that has turned into the neighborhood litter box, simply soak a few rags in vinegar and water and plant them in various spots. Cats DO NOT like the smell of vinegar and more than likely will leave your garden alone and poop in the neighbor's yard instead.
  • So your dog just had a play-date with a skunk. No worries! You can minimize the odor by rinsing his or her coat with undiluted vinegar. BE SURE TO KEEP THE VINEGAR OUT OF YOUR PET'S EYES! For another dog de-skunking recipe, please visit Bunny Roo Beagle!
  • If you read my HUB about dog incontinence, then you know that my carpeting has seen its fair share of dog pee. Well, did you know that vinegar is great to use on dog and or cat accidents! Dry the area in which the accident happened and then apply some undiluted vinegar. The vinegar will help to control the odor and trust me, your pet won't visit the area again as the smell of vinegar is quite offensive to most animals!

Bye-Bye Mr. Ant!
Bye-Bye Mr. Ant!

Bugs and Weeds!

  • Now this next tip takes me back to the good old days as I can clearly remember my Grandmother using vinegar to kill the weeds that would pop up between the cracks in the sidewalk in front of her house. All you have to do is boil one quart of water, add two tablespoons of salt and five tablespoons of vinegar. WHILE STILL HOT…pour the mixture onto the weeds (and if you wish have a quick ceremony to say goodbye).
  • I like ants….but not in my house (I prefer them to stay outside). If you have ants in your home and can determine their point of entry, simply wipe down the area with undiluted vinegar. You can also spray vinegar in other anty areas such as around your kitchen sink and under appliances. Trust me, this works! You can also kill slugs that are destroying your garden by spraying them with a solution of half water and half vinegar. I know…sounds mean…but if you want to keep your garden from turning into slug food…give it a shot (or should I say…give the slugs a shot).

Skin Care!

  • Ok, so vinegar probably can't be compared to say…Obagi Skin Care Products, however, it can be good for your skin if used properly! Take age spots for example. Simply mix equal parts of onion juice (yuck) and vinegar…then dab onto your age spots. After several weeks you may notice that your age spots have begun to lighten. Might be worth a shot BEFORE you decide to spend a lot of money on expensive skin care products!
  • If you have itchy skin try this remedy out for size! Simply add eight ounces of vinegar to your warm bath water and soak for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. My Mom swears that this tip works!

Vinegar is a very useful product that has been around for many years! Special thanks to my Mom, Grandma and my Sister for sharing their vinegar tips with me!


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    • profile image

      Ingrid 7 years ago


      I have ants all over my lawn, can I spray vinager on my lawn without killing the gras?

      Thank you

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Awesome hub, thanks for sharing these great tips. I've been using vinegar as 'after bite' remedy for more years then I care to admit.

      great info

      regards Zsuzsy

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Excellent, informative hub!!! I love using vinegar for many things around the house, inside and out!!! My cupboard is never without it!!