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Finding The Best Cafetiere – The Ideal Coffee Press For Your Home

Updated on March 20, 2011
8 Cup coffee press
8 Cup coffee press

If you like your cup of coffee in the morning, you might like to consider investing in your very own cafetiere

There are so many good bargains to find online that within a few clicks you could have your own coffee maker delivered to your door within days. Use a manual coffee grinder to ensure you coffee is as fresh as possible.

A cafetiere for two, three or more cups is available from stores online like Here are just a few examples of what you could choose.

Black Bodum New Kenya 34-Ounce Coffee Press

This coffee maker consists of a light heat resistant carafe that is made from borosilicate glass. It is encased in a black plastic frame with a black lid.

This plastic frame also ensures that your table top is protected from the heat created by the hot coffee. The plunger and the 3 piece filter system is made from stainless steel so you can be assured that it will be long lasting and will not rust.

There is no need to buy extra paper filters as the whole system is built in to make smooth filtered coffee without any mess or fuss. This particular coffee press will make up to 34 ounces of coffee at a time. This is the equivalent of 3 mugs or 8 after dinner coffee cups.

This is a simple appliance to clean as you can disassemble and place it all in the dishwasher without any worry and no hassle at all.

Chrome plated cafetiere
Chrome plated cafetiere

Bodum Chambord 8-Cup Coffee Press

If you like the look of a stainless steel coffee maker, you may like to buy this stylish cafetiere. It is from Bodum and it can provide up to 8 cups of freshly brewed coffee each time you use it.

This coffee maker consists of a sturdy chrome plated brass frame which encases the glass carafe and the press mechanism is made from stainless steel.

A great advantage is that all the parts are dishwasher safe and if necessary, you can purchase replacement parts for the plunger press mechanism.

Small Cafetiere for 3 cups of coffee
Small Cafetiere for 3 cups of coffee

Black Bodum Brazil Glass 3-Cup Coffee Press

If you are looking for a good quality coffee maker but want one that will make a smaller amount of coffee at a time, you could buy this Bodrum 3 cup coffee press.

It is exactly like the 8 cup makers but is much more compact. This is suitable if you are making coffee for one person or if you are looking for a great gift idea for a single person or a student.

There is no need for paper filters and it is easy to clean once you have enjoyed your freshly brewed coffee.


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