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The Best Electric Wine Opener

Updated on April 3, 2011
Oster electric wine opener
Oster electric wine opener

Buy An Electric Wine Bottle Opener

An electric wine opener is a lovely addition to any home if you are a lover of wine but do not like the hassle of trying to get the bottle open. Using an automatic bottle opener means that you will no longer have to worry about using brute strength to get a cork out of its bottle.

At the simple click of a button, you will be able to serve your drinks without delay and without any unnecessary strain to your wrists and hands. Here are just a few examples of what is available to buy online.

Ostler Electric Wine Bottle Opener

If you are looking for something streamline and elegant that will open wine bottles very easily at the touch of a button, you should consider investing in this electric wine opener from Oster.

It is a cordless appliance that has a small recharging base that wouldn’t look out of place on your kitchen counter top or a cocktail bar area. Once the wine opener is fully charged you will be able to open up to 30 bottles without any trouble at all.

This electric device also includes a very handy foil cutter that will remove the seal of the wine bottle for you. This means the end of trying to break into the foil with a knife or your fingernails.

The Oster Company are known for creating sleek and functional designs and this bottle opener is ergonomically structured so that it has a soft grip handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Black electric wine opener from Emerson
Black electric wine opener from Emerson

Black Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This is another example of a sleek and professional looking electric wine bottle opener. This is made by Emerson and comes in black with a hint of brushed stainless steel. It is also a cordless design and has a rechargeable base.

You can place the bottle opener in its stand and it will always be ready for use.

This electrical device is a good quality opener that will open bottles without making any loud popping noises. This would definitely be beneficial in a restaurant setting. However it is also very appropriate for home use too.

The design has incorporated a foil cutter that will remove bottle foil with ease and efficiency.

Electric wine opener and wine chiller
Electric wine opener and wine chiller

Oster Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller

If you are looking for an ideal gift for a wedding present, Christmas or indeed any special occasion, You might like the thought of presenting a gift wrapped electric wine opener with a beautifully co-ordinating wine chiller.

They are both produced by the Oster Company which is synonymous with style and quality.

The wine chiller is made from stainless steel and measures approximately 5 by 5 by 9 inches and is suitable for all types of wine bottles.

These products also come with a 1 year limited warranty so you can be assured that if there is any problem, it will be dealt with effectively and efficiently.


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