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Purchasing and Installing Custom Fireplace Doors

Updated on August 8, 2009

Choosing the right custom fireplace doors is an essential part of being a homeowner.  Purchasing the right fireplace door is not only important for the safety of your home and family, it is also crucial in increasing the energy efficiency of your home.  Installing good fitting or airtight fireplace doors will reduce the amount of smoke, ashes, and embers that escape your fireplace.  Fire place doors can also be decorative in design and an excellent way to bring unique design into a fireplace area.  There are many different fireplace types, styles, sizes, and materials to choose from.  You can find custom fireplace doors on the internet at many different manufacturers and distributor’s websites.

Discount fireplace doors can also be purchased via the internet.  Cheap fireplace doors usually consist of models that are prefabricated or mass produced by companies to fit common fireplace sizes.  Most homes do not have custom sized fireplaces so looking for a standard size door may the cheaper alternative for you.  You can easily find a pre-made fireplace door for your home on the internet.  Many websites carry the most common sizes in many varieties of materials and styles.  Some materials are durable than others.  For instance, wrought iron fireplace doors are probably the most expensive to purchase but they are also very durable.

Top Brands of Glass and Iron Fireplace Doors

Stoll fireplace doors are known for their simple yet very unique designs.  Doors come in typical shapes like rectangle, arch, and arch conversion.  Although the Stoll door design may not seem as extravagant in appearance as other doors, their products are however very effective.  Stoll uses durable materials like steel, channel iron, and premium bar iron in combination with quality glass to manufacture their high quality doors.  The company carries 30 standard sizes of doors that can easily be installed to your existing fireplace.  If your fireplace measurements happen to be custom, then you will find that custom Stoll doors are a great solution.  You can find a Stoll fireplace door for your home on the internet.  There are many distributors of Stoll products to choose from. 

Heatilator, Majestic, or Superior fireplace doors are similar in quality, materials, finishes, and inserts.  The main difference between the three companies is style, design, and pricing.  Superior, Heatilator, and Majestic fireplace doors come in standard black or polished finishes over top quality materials like natural iron, gray iron, bronze iron, moss iron, and old iron with optional inserts of either polished black, satin, or brushed silver.  The doors can be purchased according to your specific fireplace measurements including height and width.  You can find Majestic, Superior, and Heatilator fireplace doors online via numerous online stores or dealers.    

Installing Fireplace Doors

Installing fireplace doors is a process of simply fitting the right sized door into a firebox opening.  Since most glass iron fireplace doors come preassembled, attaching the door to whatever type of masonry that surrounds your firebox is the last step.  A firebox with a squared-off brick surface is much easier to deal with than one with a rough-textured surface like fieldstone.  Be careful drilling holes into the brick work of your firebox.  If you are replacing an existing door, then you won’t have to worry about that because you can use the existing holes. 

Begin by attaching the two linter clamps to the new door.  Some doors come with the clamps already installed.  Adjust the clamps accordingly then screw in the two floor L-shaped brackets to the bottom of the fireplace door.  Test fit the door to the firebox to mark the screw holes on the inside.  Hold the unit in place so you can mark the screw holes with a marker on both the top and the bottom of the door.  Remove the door and begin carefully drilling the holes.  Insert the lead anchors for the screws with the help of a hammer.  Insulate the door with fiberglass insulation.  Be sure to use gloves when handling the fiberglass material and do not leave any exposed insulation on the inside or outside of the door.  Place the door into its final resting place.  Screw the door into the firebox floor and clamp the door to the lintel on top.  


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