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Choosing Between Copper, Stone, and Glass Vessel Sinks

Updated on March 31, 2010

Vessel sinks are a new trend in home improvement projects.  Vessels are typically installed as part of a bathroom vanity cabinet.  Vessels look like bowls or trays that are installed directly on top of the vanity.  Having a vessel sink is quickly becoming a requirement in contemporary bathroom design.  Vessels come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and installations.  When the timeless look of a vessel sink is combined with other modern elements the result is a bathroom remodel that will always look unique and interesting no matter what the latest trends may be. 

Bathroom vessels come in many styles including bowl and angular square.  Square vessel sinks are considered a little more contemporary because most bathroom sink are circular in shape.  White vessel sinks seem to be the favorite color for most contemporary designers because white can easily be incorporated into any design scheme and easily matched with other materials and accessories.  The market is full of options when it comes to adding a vessel sink into your design.  You can find numerous varieties on the internet and prices are very comparable because of the popularity of the product and the many manufacturers and distributors that are available.

Photo by Trueform @
Photo by Trueform @

Sophisticated Elegance of Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass vessel sinks add an element of sophistication to any design style. Glass vessels come in many shapes and sizes. The glass can be colored or clear depending on other components you are using in the space. A clear glass vessel sink is highly desirable in contemporary design because of its clean and elegant appearance. Colored and multi-colored glass is quite beautiful but the color must then be used as an accent color throughout the rest of the design.

Another important quality of glass vessels is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Glass can easily be wiped cleaned without the need for specialized solutions or cleaners. Even though the sinks are made out of glass and may seem fragile, they are actually quite durable and resistant the types of damage you may see with other materials like ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain and ceramic vessel sinks are less durable but more expensive in price. You can find various types of glass sinks on the internet. Kohler vessel sinks are top of the line when it comes to quality and elegance. Kohler carries a wide selection of glass sinks including their unique and highly practical square glass vessel sink.

Natural Beauty of Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone vessel sinks have a natural beauty that is unlike any other type of sink material.  Stone materials like travertine, limestone, marble, cobblestone, onyx, and granite make intriguing sinks because of the unique natural quality of each type of stone.  The wavy design with different shades of colors is a welcome element in a bathroom décor because the colors can be incorporated in other design elements like wall color, flooring, and accessories. 

The type, shape, and style of the stone sink will determine the price you pay for instance, a white Zen limestone vessel sink is going to cost much more than a beige round travertine vessel sink.  The unique shape, material, and style of the Zen sink is considered more modern.  You can find many variations of stone vessels on the market today.  Custom stone sinks are also available if you don’t mind the extra investment.

Photo by nancyhugo @
Photo by nancyhugo @

Unique Appearance of Copper Vessel Sinks

The term copper vessel sinks can refer to the color of a sink or the material used in the making of a sink.  Copper colored vessels are very attractive but the copper materials itself is way more important in bathroom design because of its original and artistic qualities.  Copper is a metal that is easily formed and highly malleable which means its surface or shape can easily be changed.  Copper sinks can be found with textured surfaces or with scenic or artistic designs. 

Another wonderful quality of copper is that if left untreated, it will eventually develop a patina.  Patina is a film, mostly green in color that naturally forms on the surface of copper materials.   Exposure to elements like water and air create the film and thus the color change.  You must treat your copper sink with copper wax if you don’t want your sink to develop a patina.  The wax only has to be applied every once in a while depending on the type of sink you purchase.  For instance, finished sinks must definitely be treated to protect and maintain their beautiful shiny surfaces.


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