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Fiskars Axes, Pruners, Garden Knife and Axes

Updated on April 13, 2013

Fiskars has long been famous for their household cutting devices like scissors and trimmers. But several years ago they introduced a line of Fiskars garden tools, and these have quickly achieved fame as being just as high quality as their household devices. Their slogan, as heard on a public television show I was watching is: "Fiskars, ergonomic designs to empower gardeners." Here's a look at the Fiskars Axe, Fiskars Pruners, and other garden tools.

Fiskars Axes

Fiskars axes are one of the most popular wood splitting tools around. They are famous for being lightweight, and capable of being used by people of smaller stature. The head of the larger axe is still only about 4.5 lbs, but they split wood quite effectively because the head is very sharp and is coated to keep it sharp and prevent rusting.

The handles are shorter than a traditional maul, and have a flare at the end to allow you to keep a better grip on it. The shorter handle makes it easier to manuver, but it is smaller than a traditional maul so it needs to be handled in a slightly different way or you may end up nicking your feet. The handle is made of a Nyglass composite, which is molded around the head so it doesn't fly off as readily as a traditional maul head. The flat side can serve a dual purpose as a sledgehammer as well.

Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife

The term knife is a little misleading for the Fiskars Garden Knife. It's uses includes cutting, weeding, transplanting, and a host of other small garden tasks. It has a large blade that is coated to reduce rust and it has a serrated edge on one side to help with cutting chores like slicing through roots or twigs. It also has a knife edge on the other side and the middle of the blade is a shallow trough that helps with transplanting chores.

The handle is oversized, easy to grip, and has a hole for in it for hanging when being stored.

This knife makes the perfect gift for any gardener.

Fiskars Pruners

Fiskars makes several pruner types for specialized applications. They have the traditional bypass pruners for cutting smaller flowers and roses, and there are also the anvil pruners that are more effective for large branches. Fiskars also carries the less common styles like the parrots beak and snips, including cut and hold snips.

Tree Pruners

Fiskars tree pruners include not only some traditional loppers, but they have a couple of extensible pruners that are called Pruning Stiks. These have a head with a unique action that does a great job of transferring the leverage from the activating rope to the cutting action of the head. With a coated blade, this will reduce rust and cut more effectively. It is easy to use and my petite wife can maneuver it easily.

The stroke of bright color in these products is an advantage when the gardener lays any of the Fiskars tools down in the grass they can be spotted easily by it's bright colors - a signature feature of these products.


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