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Fleece Vests - Warm Cosy Fleece Vests For Men At Cheap Discount Prices

Updated on February 13, 2011


If you are looking for fleece vests at a good cheap discount price, then look no further. He we will review some of the best fleece vests for men, see what kind of price you should be looking to pay and also where exactly you can buy good quality men’s fleece vests online. Basically, if you are looking for a guide to fleece vests, then this article should tell you all you need to know.

The idea behind a fleece vest is that it is a warm, cosy and stylish garment that you can just slip over the top of your normal clothes. A fleece vest provides that extra layer of warmth and comfort when the temperatures start to get a little cooler. As it is a vest, it still allows for freedom of movement, so a fleece vest is ideal for people who are planning on being active. So now let’s have a look at some of the best fleece vests for men.

Marmot Warmlight Fleece Vest

Buy The Marmot Warmlight Fleece Vest

Marmot Warmlight Fleece Vest


Let’s start at the top end of the spectrum. When it comes to quality the Marmot Warmlight Fleece Vest really is top notch. This high quality stylish garment will keep you warm while also keeping you fashionable. Marmot is a well respected manufacturer with a long history of excellent garments and this fleece vest is no exception to that rule. Although a little more expensive than some others you really are getting very good quality if you invest in a Marmot. This fleece vest comes in a choice of red, black, deep blue or forest green. Made from polartec polyester this top is machine washable and will not pill even after repeated washing.

This has a zipper down the front so it can be worn open or closed, it also has three zip pockets, two on the sides and one on the chest. These are good for placing your hands in to keep them warm or storing valuables. The Marmot fleece vest also comes with a lifetime warranty so you know you are getting a really good quality product. If you don’t mind paying a little extra this is a great fleece vest for men. Buy one of these and it will be keeping you warm for many years to come.

Columbia Cathedral Fleece Vest

Columbia Cathedral Park Fleece Vest


If you are looking for a cheap discount bargain then this one may be for you. Currently the Columbia Cathedral Peak Fleece Vest is on offer at Amazon, snap it up now and you will be getting a real bargain. When it comes to all round value you really can’t go wrong with this one. The top comes in a nice range of colors such as red, black, dark blue, burnt orange and quite a few more. This fleece vest is quite light at just 360g, so it’s not to thick, it just provides a nice warm layer that you can put on over the top when the temperature starts to drop that little bit lower. Made from polyester this is machine washable and will maintain it’s fresh look and feel wash after wash.

With a zipper on the front and two pockets that both have zips, this is a practical garment as well as being stylish. There is also a handy draw cord on the hem which means you can adjust it for a more comfortable fit. The Columbia Cathedral Peak fleece vest also comes with a nice collar which you can wear up if the wind is chilly or fold down if you are a little bit warmer. Overall this is a really good quality vest at such a good price, this has to be one of the best fleece vests on the market when it comes to all round value.

Timberland Macro Fleece Vest

Timberland Marco Fleece Vest

This is another really good value option. Timberland is a high quality name that you can trust. The Timberland Marco Fleece Vest is a really nice example of a good quality garment at a very affordable price. As a nice little extra touch these have some nice detail around the seams which gives them a good stylish look. The Timberland fleece vest comes in either blue, red, orange, black or green. All the colors look very rugged and go with most clothes that you are likely to wear underneath. This top has a zipper down the front and two pockets on either side that have a zip and also a zip pocket on the chest, these are very handy if you want to store valuables.

This fleece vest is made from polyester and as you would expect is machine washable, it is designed in a way that will prevent it from pilling even after repeated washes. As Timberland is a name you can trust you know you are going to be getting a decent product with this one, it will keep you warm for many years. As it is currently on discount over at Amazon now it a great time to pick up a bargain and enjoy this lovely men’s fleece top.

Brookstone Heated Fleece Vest

Brookstone Fleece Heated Vest


If you want something a little bit special then consider this. The Brookstone Fleece Heated Vest actually has panels in that warm up while you are wearing it! So when the temperatures drop that little bit more than you are expecting you simply press a button and warmth is delivered to your chest and back. The fleece is fitted with lightweight carbon fibre panels that deliver that extra burst of heat when you need it, there are even three different settings so you can adjust the heat accordingly. Even though this basically has two mini radiators built in, it is not bulky and still remains light and looks stylish. Although you are paying a little more than what you would for a conventional fleece top this one really is very special.

You slip the heat panels in through zipper pockets, on one charge they will give you five hours of heat, they also come with a rechargeable battery that you can charge up before wearing. The fleece itself is light and stylish, it has a zipper down the front and three pockets which includes one on the chest and two on either side. When it comes to quality and something that little bit special this product really will not be beaten. Currently it is on discount at Amazon so it really is a bargain.


There are many other excellent fleece vests for men available. Here we have just looked at four, but below are a few more you might like to consider. If you find this helpful you may also want to read fleece vests for women which provides some excellent ideas for the ladies. A fleece vest really is an excellent item of clothing that is so versatile, buy one of these and you will find it comes in handy for a multitude of different activities.

Some More Excellent Fleece Vests For Men


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