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Floor Cleaning Advice

Updated on June 11, 2013

Have you ever noticed that no matter how clean your house or office is, if the floors aren’t clean, it all looks dirty? It’s true, isn’t it? You can spend hours picking up stuff and organizing things and dusting the shelves and cleaning the windows, but if the carpet isn’t clean or there is mud on the linoleum it just isn’t going to feel clean in there. And this should probably not come as a surprise. After all, the floor of any room is the biggest part of it, after the walls, and we tend to look down at the floor as soon as we enter a room. Thus, a dirty floor makes a dirty room.

This is why we spend a lot of time and effort on floor cleaning. We buy the best vacuum cleaners and we spend good money on carpet cleaning. We purchase floor cleaners and waxes and hire people to sweep and mop, or do it ourselves. In fact, if it were added all up, the money we spend on floor cleaning would be a multi-million dollar industry. Keeping our floors clean is just that important.

Floor cleaning doesn't seem like a difficult thing to figure out until you have that stain that just won't go away!
Floor cleaning doesn't seem like a difficult thing to figure out until you have that stain that just won't go away!

Tips on Floor Cleaning

There are a couple ways we can go about keeping our floors clean, whether at home or at our workplaces. The first of course is to hire professional cleaners. These companies are experts in getting things clean, and they will bring in the full arsenal to do your floor cleaning. Cleaning companies will have all the right kinds of machinery for floor cleaning, and they will have all the heavy duty cleaning supplies on hand as well. But if you are doing your own floor cleaning, there are some tricks of the trade that you can put to use to make your job a lot easier. Even the pros use these secrets from time to time, so you know they really work.

If you have wood floors that are looking scuffed and scratched or just seem a bit dull, then there are a few ways to bring back their luster and shine. To reduce the appearance of scratches and scuffs, use a bit of lemon oil. Just squeeze a couple drops of lemon oil on particularly bad scuffs, wipe with a cloth, and watch how they fade away. You can also use tea tree oil to the same effect. If you want to treat your whole wood floor to a pick me up, add a cup of vinegar to a pale of warm water. You can apply this water and vinegar mixture by hand or with a floor mop. Make sure you get all the excess moisture off the floor and then look at how your wood floors will shine!

If you have kids and there are crayon marks on your floor or if there are shoe scuffs on tiles or vinyl floors, then try a bit of toothpaste on them. Simply rub a bit of the toothpaste over the crayon or scuffs with a damp rag. This is a great way to remove these kinds of marks, which are resistant to most floor cleaning products. Another great floor cleaning tip is to use salt to clean up spilled egg mess on your kitchen floor. All you need to do is pour salt onto the spilled egg, wait a couple minutes for it to work, and then sweep up the dried egg and salt mixture. It works wonders on this hard to clean mess.

We all know that waxing your floors can really bring them back to life. Waxing is a centerpiece of many floor cleaning systems and companies. But if you are a home owner or small business owner, you probably don’t have access to the kinds of expensive waxing machines that the cleaning companies use for floor cleaning. Well, there’s a do it yourself version of floor waxing that works really well. All you need is a dry mop and a couple pieces of wax paper. Place the wax paper under the mop and mop as you usually wood. This will bring out the old shine to your floor easily and inexpensively.

Finally, there is the issue of grout, the filler that is placed in between the tiles of your floor. Floor cleaning can become really time consuming when the grout becomes dirty. For this reason, you should always use a grout sealer when a new floor is installed. This will prevent dirt and oils from penetrating the porous grout and permanently staining it. But if your grout does get dirty, then you may have to resort to some close cleaning. A toothbrush with some spray on tile cleaner works well as a floor cleaning instrument when you have a tile floor with grout.

All of these floor cleaning tips are meant to give you the cleanest floors you can possibly have, while meanwhile saving you some time, and even some money. Many people clean their own floors most of the time and then hire professionals a couple times a year. Another option is to rent floor cleaning equipment a few times a year. However you do it, keep your floors clean and your mind at ease.


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    • HomeDIY profile image

      HomeDIY 6 years ago

      You are right with all of these floor cleaning tips people can save money on hiring other services to do it for themselves. Good points :)

    • sophie_allen profile image

      sophie_allen 6 years ago from Washington D.C. USA 20002

      This is very useful. Maintaining a clean floor is very important to all households. Thanks for sharing the tips.