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Buying Guide: Plastic Storage Bins

Updated on June 12, 2013

Plastic Storage Bins

Getting organized can sometimes seem like an impossible task. For one thing, these days we just have so much stuff, all the things we need to live in the modern age. We’ve got stuff for the kitchen, stuff for the bathroom, stuff for the lawn and garden, stuff to do home repairs and building with. What’s more, many people now have home offices, whether they are self employed or are in school for college degrees or for hobbies like writing or graphic design. What this all means is that we have a lot of stuff! No wonder getting organized can seem like such a daunting task.

The thing is though, once you start getting organized, once you see the benefit of putting things in their proper places, then what might have seemed like a chore at first becomes a relief. Finally you can find the things you need! What’s more, when you have the proper tools that can help you get organized, then the whole process gets a lot easier. Having a place to put all your stuff is the first step. Plastic storage bins are the perfect answer to your organizational needs. They come in so many shapes and sizes, and they not only keep your stuff organized, they keep it safe and dry as well.

Plastic Storage Bins are very useful and flexible to use
Plastic Storage Bins are very useful and flexible to use

Buying Plastic Storage Bins

Before you head out to the store or the internet to start purchasing plastic storage bins, you might want to take a few minutes to think about the kinds of things you will want to store in them. Maybe take out a legal pad and a pen and start jotting things down. There are so many kinds and shapes of plastic storage bins available on the market that there is a bin that will work best for whatever your particular storage needs are.

If it is your basement or garage workshop that needs to be organized, then you might be in the market for storage bins to hold nails, screws, hinges, and other hardware of that variety. Get your hardware out of those old coffee cans and put them somewhere you can easily access them. This will save you both time and frustration. For these kinds of plastic storage bins, check out the Walmart catalog online. The Quantum Storage Bins sold by this retailer are perfectly suited to the home woodworker or crafts person.

Some people, on the other hand, are just crazy about things like birthdays and Christmas, and for them, all the wrapping paper and bows and ribbons and gift tags are strewn all over the house, in every drawer and closet they own. Plastic storage bins have been made for these folks as well. carries extremely convenient plastic storage bins to keep all of your gift wrap in one place. Some models even provide a separate top compartment where bows and scotch tape can be kept in the same plastic storage bin as the wrapping paper for extra convenience.

Of course, there may be no better place to get organized with a new set of plastic storage bins than in your kitchen. Plastic storage bins are great places to store food items like pasta, rice, and dry beans, which will keep them fresh and always reading to use. Your pantry could likely use some plastic storage bins as well. Here you can use these bins to keep linens and tablecloths clean and free of moths. Some plastic storage bins with open fronts are perfect places to keep canned goods. The online retailer called Organize It has a whole line of plastic storage bins for the kitchen, ranging from food storage bins to plastic drawer organizers. In fact, the website at has plastic storage bins for every room in your home, making it an extremely handy place to do your storage bin shopping.

Other Places to Buy Plastic Storage Bins

One of many folks’ favorite spots to buy plastic storage bins is the Container Store. This retailer, with both brick and mortar stores and an online catalog, specializes in tools for organizing the home and thus has many, many plastic storage bins for sale. For whatever purpose and for whatever room, they will have the plastic storage bin you need. Another of the most well known and trusted of plastic storage bin makers is Rubbermaid. This company has been fashioning high quality plastic storage bins for many years. Many stores sell the Rubbermaid brand or you can go directly to the Rubbermaid website.

Of course, you can head out to Target or one of the department stores for your plastic storage bin needs as well. The main thing is to get started on your organization project. You’ll feel great when you do.


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    • glassvisage profile image


      8 years ago from Northern California

      These bins are great and can be used for so many purposes! We even considered getting a cheaper one to use for our cat's litter box, since they can be less expensive than an actual litter box :)


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