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Buying The Best French Fry Cutter

Updated on January 5, 2010
French fry cutter
French fry cutter

A French fry cutter is the best kitchen accessory if you want to produce your own home made fries. You can choose to make mini chips or jumbo fries using the best potatoes of your own choosing. Here are a few potato cutters that you can buy online from Amazon for a really great price.

Progressive Vegetable/French Fry Cutter

This is a very lightweight and simple French fry cutter that will enable you to produce a great batch of fries every time.

This particular kitchen utensil gives you the option of creating two different sizes of fry. There are two metal blades that you can choose from and all you have to do is to insert one into the chamber. The first cutting blade consists of a grid with 25 holes. This will enable you to make large fries.

The second blade consists of a square grid that has 49 holes. If you use this one, the end result will be a smaller sized French fry which may be consistent with the sort that you would get in a fast food restaurant.

The cutters are made from sharp stainless steel and both grids are encased in a plastic rim in order to make it safer to use.

You can also use this potato cutter to prepare other fruit and vegetables. If you would like to prepare a healthy plate of crudities you can cut up a selection of carrots, courgettes and peppers so that you can create a tasty dish platter.

Alternatively you can use the cutter to prepare your ingredients to make lovely stews or soups.

To clean this piece of kitchen equipment you just need to use a bowl of warm soapy water in order to remove any food residue from the cutting blade grids.

Cuisinart French fry cutter
Cuisinart French fry cutter

Cuisinart French Fry Cutter

Cuisinart is very well known for producing high quality kitchen appliances and this is no exception.

This French fry cutter is quick and easy to use and is definitely a smart piece of kitchen equipment that would look great on any kitchen counter.

If you are a big fan of making your own fries, then this will be invaluable. There is a choice of two different cutting blades that are easy to swap and change.

You can decide on how large or small you want your batch of food to be on different occasions.

To make sure that this potato cutter is safe to use, there are suction pads on the bottom of the base that ensure that the cutter sits firmly on your kitchen counter and will not slip and slide all over the place.

This means that you can get through cutting all your potatoes in no time at all.

You can use this versatile cutter for other vegetables too so you can prepare a nice salad by cutting up carrots, cucumbers and peppers into batons and combine them with lettuce leaves and a splash of vinaigrette.

The grids are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean.

Cuisinart also give a 5 year limited warranty on this product so should you have any problems then you know that it will be handled effectively and efficiently.


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