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Vegetable Brushes - Finding The Best Vegetable Brush

Updated on December 5, 2010
OXO vegetable brush
OXO vegetable brush

The Perfect Vegetable Brush

A good way to ensure that you get all the great nutritional value from your vegetables is to eat as much of it as you can. It is always a good idea to eat the skin because this really does hold a great deal of natural goodness.

If you choose to Invest in the best vegetable brush this will mean that you can clean and prepare your food with great ease and efficiency. Here are a few examples of vegetable brushes that are available to buy online from Amazon.

Oxo Good Grips Flexible Vegetable Brush

If you are a fan of creating wonderful dishes with lots of healthy home grown or store bought vegetables, you may be interested in finding the best type of vegetable brush to clean them thorough during the preparation process.

This black Oxo Good Grips Flexible vegetable brush consists of nylon brushes which are great for cleaning all sorts of fresh produce including potatoes, carrots, brococoli and mushrooms. This has a flexible body which makes it easy to hold and easy to manoeuvre over your raw foods.

The ergonomic design ensures that it sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and the rubber handle will absorb the majority of the pressure when using it.

This food scrubber is dishwasher proof so it is easy to clean once you have dislodged all the dirt from your cooking stock.

Mr Potato vegetable cleaning brush
Mr Potato vegetable cleaning brush

Mr Potato Vegetable Cleaning Brush

This is a really fun way to help make food preparation fun for yourself or for other members of your family. This potato brush is actually fashioned to resemble a little potato.  It is also very reminiscent of the Mr Potato Head toys where you had attach the eyes, the ears, the arms and the feet to create your own individual Potato friend.

Although it is in the shape of a potato, this is still a multi functional food brush and can be used for all manner of vegetables. 

It would certainly bring a smile to anyone if you were to purchase one as a fun gift idea and it would really suit any occasion.

Chef'n Palm vegetable brush
Chef'n Palm vegetable brush

Chef'n Palm Vegetable Brush

This is a lovely cheap and cheerful vegetable scrubber that would look great in any kitchen. The bright vibrant colours include this cherry coloured brush and it is also available in avocado.

It has a flexible rubber handle that is contoured to fit comfortably into the shape of the palm of your hand. This makes is really easy to get the job of cleaning the dirt off any oddly shaped potatoes or carrots. The tough nylon brushes make food preparation even easier for anyone to do.

This could be a great way to help introduce your children to the benefits of using and preparing raw vegetables. If you are lucky they may even be more encouraged to taste food that they have helped to prepare.

These little brushes are cheap enough for you to buy a complete set for your family so that you can all work together and prepare great homemade meals as part of your family fun.


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