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Fun dining in Banning Ca.

Updated on July 23, 2013

Grandma's Country Kitchen

Grandma's Country Kitchen

If you like Country Cookin, down-home friendlyness, and yummy food, Grandma's Country Kitchen in Banning, California is the place to head for. Just watch for the Covered wagon out front with the BIG sign and pull in to find a parking place.

We were greeted immediately as we walked in and seated quickly. As we waited to give the waitress our order our eyes traveled all around the room taking in the items of nostalgia. The mirror with an image of Grandma caught my eyes and I just wanted to grab it and take it home with me.

The servers were all dressed in Country style: western jeans, beautiful BIG belts and of course, western shirts. I asked where they all found their belts (because I have been searching for one for myself) and a chorus of Boot Barn sang out!

It was lunch time when we arrived but we decided we would have breakfast-yummy. Gary and I both chose the "Marvin's Omelet" in memory of my brother Marvin. I couldn't believe they had one named for him. Oh, I know, it wasn't really , probably named for one of Grandma's kids or brothers. It was delicious.

We were pleasantly surprised with the servers: each customer was just as important to them as one seated in their own station. They all helped each other with refilling coffee cups, bringing extra katsup, etc. If they passed a table that had a need, they filled it. No one was neglected. You don't have to wait to catch your own server, just ask which ever walks by your table. And everyone had a smile!

Now, you will notice by my pictures, Grandma's is noted for delicious pastries: Turnovers, Cinnimon rolls, pies...I just drooled right down the front of my chin as I took pictures of them.

We will certainly watch for Grandma's Country Kitchen next time we are in the area.

2868 W Ramsey St
Banning, CA 92220

(951) 849-8385

Good food in Banning, Ca

I hope you enjoy this group of pictures!

Join me for a photo tour of Grandma's

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Grandma's mirror, so cute!red checked table clothescherry turnovers
Grandma's mirror, so cute!
Grandma's mirror, so cute!
red checked table clothes
red checked table clothes
cherry turnovers
cherry turnovers

Thanks for joining me, check out some other dining hubs!

Gary and I really enjoyed Grandma's Country Kitchen
Gary and I really enjoyed Grandma's Country Kitchen

Poetry of the food variety

If you are looking for a treat

I can tell you where to meet

head down the highway to Grandma's

down on Ramsey Street

Easy to find if you watch for the wagon

standing in front like a sign

when you park your car and go inside

you will find that the food is so fine

Breakfast, lunch and dinner too

the best of food is waiting for you

and when you are finished with healthy choice

dig into a cinnamon roll or pie and really rejoice.


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