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Funny 2011 Wall Calendars

Updated on March 12, 2011

Funny 2011 Wall Calendars

Funny 2011 Wall Calendars

A funny calendar can really help brighten up every day and make life more interesting and of course, funny! Below are some of the very best funny 2011 calendars to put on your wall at home, or in the workplace to cheer you up and make you laugh every day when you are feeling a bit down as well as recording dates and useful reminders on a calendar. Funny calendars also make a great gift for Christmas or birthday's and so December and November are the best times to pick up a new calendar so you get the most use out of it.

2011 funny Wall Calendars will make anyone happy!

Dilbert Day to Day Calendar

The Dilbert 2011 Calendar is a very popular choice on especially among office workers who have a Dilbert cartoon to look at and tear off every day and it helps get them to work.  People buy the Dilbert calendar every year and this year Dilbert is in colour too as well as little extras being printed on the back of each day like Sudoku puzzles.

Go check out what people said about Dilbert and you will realise this is an excellent choice.

Glowing Dilbert 2011 Calendar Reviews

Urban Dictionary Day to Day Wall Calendar

This funny Urban Dictionary calendar features a slang word that you may not know and then some funny descriptions of that word. It will help make you cooler as well as being a great laugh discovering the greatest, most interesting, funniest slang used in this modern society and makes a very good calendar.

Bunny Suicides 2011 Wall Calendar

If you like to see Bunnies dying your in luck, as Bunny Suicides is back again!  Featuring Bunny committing suicide 12 times just for you in funny ways!

It really is great and makes a perfect gift for anyone (unless they are a sensitive, poor little girl who has a pet bunny, they may not appreciate this wonderful calendar as much as others, selfish eh!)

Seriously, this makes an excellent gift!

Bunny Suicides Calendar 2011
Bunny Suicides Calendar 2011

The Simpsons Daily Calendar

Does anyone in the USA not like the Simpsons? OK I am sure people do not but the point is that MOST people do like the Simpsons and the Simpsons calendar will brighten up every day with fantastic Simpons scenes.

Fantastic for any Simpsons fans as a gift!

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2011 Toilets of the World Calendar

If you know someone who likes toilets or you like toilets why not buy a toilets of the world calendar, to put in your toilet where you will be able to look at toilets from your toilet to see the best toilets of the world on the toilets of the world calendar, toilet?

It is different! :)

Jackasses Calendar

The first animal related calendar on this list with funny pictures of jackasses (donkeys) is different and again pretty funny.  Comes with witty quotes at the bottom of each picture, this is a fun calendar and will amuse you. 

Funny 2011 Calendars - Interesting 2011 Calendars

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      That's too funny.I like all the calenders with comic pics.

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