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Gaming Chairs and Bean Bags

Updated on October 17, 2008

The Gaming Experience

As a gamer, you may be interested in ways that you can make your gaming experience more pleasurable and, well, more of an experience. There are many ways that you can enhance your playing experience with the best controllers and gaming accessories, but you don't want to forget the gaming chair.

No, it's not some special, glowing gaming chair, but just a chair designed for the perfect gaming experience.

You'll find that with most of the gaming chairs, you'll have the ideal position and angle for playing just about any video game that you could be interested in, especially racing games.

But, sometimes you just want a simple bean bag chair to sit in while your game. That's cool too. You'll find that there are some gaming bean bag chairs that are made for added gaming comfort to enhance your gaming experience.

I just suggest that you check out some of what is available below, but don't be afraid  to search around Amazon or Ebay for something that I may have missed, something better fit for your gaming experience. 

Audio X Rocker

The Audio X Rocker is not just a gaming chair, but it is formulated for your listening pleasures. It is actually designed to play music from your iPod, MP3 player, or CD player, but it will work great with your TV, DVD, or VCR. You will also, find that, the chair can be used with your Xbox 360, Play Station 2, Game Cube, Game Boy, and other video games.

The built in audio system will enhance your sound quality with the adjustable sub-woofer. 


AK 100 Rocker Gaming Chair

This is a more simple gaming chair, with a rocking style feel to it. The AK 100 comes with a red or gray skin. This gaming chair is set for the perfect angle for 100 percent gaming pleasure. You will find that there is absolutely no assembly required with this gaming chair, and that it is fairly light-weight, weighing about 21 pounds. 

Playseats Evolution Gaming Seat

Ok, so this is probably the coolest gaming chair that you could EVER purchase. I mean, yeah it's a little costly, but for the true gamer, what's a few hundred bucks when you get to have a realistic gaming experience.

The Evolution Gaming Seat is compatible with the Xbox 360, GameCube, PS, PS2, and PC. It has three different adjustment knobs for different sized gamers aged 8 and up. 

Pyramat PM440 Deluxe Sound Rocker

Ok, so this is another music and sound enhancing chair, but it's perfect for gaming. It functions perfectly to boost your audio experience for your video games, movies, and music, with the 5.5" 30W sub-woofer and the 2 full range 3" speaker headsets. You'll find that the Pyramat Delux Sound Rocker will connect to your iPod and MP3 player, and is compatible with your PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Cube, Nintendo DS, PSP, TV, DVD, and VCR.

Bean Bag Chairs

If you want to go a little cheaper than some of the specially designed, gaming chairs, you can always purchase a bean bag chair. Bean bags are fun additions to your game room and great means of playing your favorite video games.

Because you will find that most bean bags are filled with styrofoam beans, you are able to find the perfect gaming position. But, sometimes you will be able to spend just a little more for foam bean bag chairs that are actually better built for the gaming experience.

If you are looking for bean bag chairs, you'll be able to find loads of colors, patterns, and themes on eBay, and in most cases, you'll be able to find bean bag chairs on eBay for really discounted prices, which again great for the budget.

Personally, there is nothing wrong with a few bean bag chairs sitting on the ground for a pretty good gaming experience. I know that's how I started, and it's a great way for your younger kids and teenagers.

Bean bag chairs are great for dorms, game rooms, and kid's rooms for anyone of any age who enjoys a good video game challenge. 


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    • profile image

      Travis 5 years ago

      Thanks for the great info on these gaming chairs. These chairs are somewhat outdated now, but you can find the latest cutting edge gaming chairs at stores like Amazon or

    • Linda Tadlock profile image

      Linda Tadlock 7 years ago from Atlanta

      These chairs are a wonderful additiona to a media room or a family room. Nice hub.

    • hattoss profile image

      hattoss 9 years ago from United States

      Such amazing gaming chairs, this shows how big the gaming market is.