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Garden Carts Guide - Understand Garden Carts Before You Buy

Updated on January 12, 2011

So why are garden carts so important? I love working outdoors and if you're reading this hub chances are you do too. So you probably appreciate how vital it is to keep all your tools handy and organized. It can be a real pain to constantly remove yourself from one part of your yard or garden and trek across to the other just to grab a tool or other resource and return to your current work spot.

This is where garden carts, also known as yard carts and sometimes wheelbarrows, are such an indispensable tool for the avid gardener or landscaper. Rolling garden carts empower you to move about your workspace with much greater ease and flexibility. Much like the hose pot, a garden cart is a simple device with rich rewards.

They are available in manner of styles and sizes for all sorts of different functions. So whether you need small garden carts for simple gardens or robust garden wagon carts, you'll likely find what you need somewhere online.

A Classic Garden Cart
A Classic Garden Cart

A garden cart is a hand-pushed wheeled vehicle, usually with larger wheels for easy navigation through a variety of terrain. Garden carts are explicitly designed to distribute weight away from the garden cart user to make moving its contents easier.

Most garden carts feature at least two wheels for better balance and to allow it rest upright so you can work from its container, making it like a mobile table.


The Wheelbarrow Vs. The Garden Cart

Wheelbarrows often have only one wheel for greater maneuverability in tighter spaces and along planks. Wheelbarrows are often seen on construction sites for this greater maneuverability. One wheel also provides a little more flexibility in the way you unload the material within its bed.

The side of a wheelbarrow often is at an angle. This works with the one-wheel design to make for smoother and more precise dumping. Wheelbarrows are pretty much always pushed from behind.

Wheeled garden carts usually utilize two or more wheels for greater stability and feature a flat bed with larger overall carrying capacity. While many garden carts can be pushed from behind like a wheelbarrow, they are often pulled from the front as well and garden carts are also more likely to be designed with multiple operators in mind.

The larger, flatter bed of a garden cart makes it an excellent vehicle for carrying tools and gardening supplies as well as raw materials like dirt or sand.

Garden carts feature a wider range of designs than wheelbarrows, with more specific design features for specific purposes. For example, it isn't uncommon to find garden carts with sides that either lift or fold down so you can easily shovel or rake contents off the garden cart floor.

Vermont Style Garden Cart
Vermont Style Garden Cart

Specialized Garden Carts

Dolly garden carts feature sheet metal with rust protection and are great for larger landscaping projects which require moving larger amounts of top soil, mulch, fertilizers or even heavy gardening tools.

The Vermont garden cart provides flexibility with lower and lifting sides. Lower all the sides to create a work table out in your garden, or lower just one side to easily rake out that pile of autumn leaves. Folding garden carts are becoming more and more popular.

Garden Tool Carts

Garden tool carts are specially designed to provide something like a mobile work bench.  The mechanic in the house isn't the only one requiring quick and easy access to tools to get a job done.  A garden tool cart doubles as both a storage unit for your tools and as a mobile work bench to deploy at any point in your yard or garden.

Garden tool carts come in a variety of sizes and often feature implements for storing or hanging typical garden tools and landscaping tools.  You'll also find these garden carts described as garden utility carts.

Motorized Garden Carts

Despite evidence that people learn to appreciate gardening more and more as they age, arthritis and back problems become more common place as we age.  If you're doing any degree of serious gardening, a garden cart is a must, but sometimes a garden hand cart is just not an option.

So now it has become more and more common to find motorized garden carts powered by electricity or gas.  In fact, often times these motorized garden carts are built to handle more rugged work than manual garden carts, giving those of us with physical challenges a possible advantage.

I hope this helps you understand the integral role the garden cart plays in your gardening and landscaping endeavors.  Good luck and happy gardening!


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