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Garden Hose

Updated on November 9, 2010

When you move into your first home, there are certain tools and pieces of equipment that you need to buy no matter what.  Some of those tools include a good pair of work gloves, a snow shovel, and a garden hose.  Even though the name seems to imply that a garden hose is strictly used for gardening or watering plants, it can be used for many more things and is an essential homeowner’s tool to have around the house. Not only can you use garden hoses for many projects and tasks, but after the garden hose is too old and you cannot use it anymore to transport water, there are many uses for garden hose pieces as well. The reason you can use a garden hose for so many different things is that there are many types of garden hoses and several different kinds of garden hose attachments or garden hose nozzles that will help you. In addition, the garden hose can be used easily and quickly in many situations as long as it is stored properly. Garden hose storage is varied and how often you use your hose as well as where you need to use your hose both contribute to the type of garden hose hanger or retractable garden hose system you purchase.

There are several varieties of garden hoses to choose between.  Some are made of nylon or other plastic materials and some that are made of rubber.  Rubber garden hoses are considered superior because they are much less likely to kink or crimp.  That is why rubber garden hoses are used more often in retractable garden hose storage units.  You do not have to monitor them as closely to make sure they are not crimping or kinking.  Another type of garden hose that is convenient to have in terms of storage is a flat garden hose.  Flat garden hoses expand when water is running through them, but when they are emptied, they go flat and take up much less room when storing garden hoses.

There are also some specialty garden hoses that are appropriate for certain situations.  First, a heated garden hose might be necessary if you need to use a garden hose in very cold weather and you want to protect against freezing.  Most heated garden hoses have an electrical cord that you plug in near the water source.  They will also come equipped with an automatic turn off and turn on switch.  If the temperature of the water in the hose falls below a certain temperature t will turn on and once it gets up to a predetermined temperature the heating element will turn off.  Another specialty garden hose is a sprinkler garden hose.  These garden hoses will have several holes or slits along the length of the garden hose where water can come out to water a garden or your grass.  You can turn the garden hose holes up ward for a sprinkler affect or you can face them down for a soaker garden hose.

Garden Hose Attachments

Without any garden hose attachments or garden hose nozzles, a garden hose will simply deliver water from the water source at your home to some other location at the opposite end of the garden hose. The water does not come out under any additional pressure than what is provided by your faucet and it is difficult to direct the stream. The most basic garden hose nozzle is a handle which you squeeze to turn on the water stream and it comes out under high pressure. More specialized garden hose nozzles will have several settings so that you can shape and direct the water stream for your purposes. Some nozzles will have settings such as a shower spray, a mist, a high pressure stream, or a soaker setting. You can use the high pressure stream to clean off a deck or siding instead of using the more powerful pressure washer. You can use the soaker setting to water thirsty trees, bushes, and gardening. The mist setting is good for a gentle watering of grass or delicate flowers. The shower setting is convenient for rinsing off deck chairs or other furniture pieces.

Some garden hose attachments are more specialized. For example, a gutter wand is a great garden hose attachment that can make gutter cleaning a breeze. Normally, gutter have to be cleaned by climbing up a ladder repeatedly to scoop out debris and clogs by hand or with a scoop. With a gutter wand at the end of a garden hose you can use the telescoping feature of the wand to reach your gutter system from the ground. The adjustable nozzle at the end of the wand allows you to adjust the direction and shape of the water stream. Your garden hose makes this dangerous chore much easier. Sometimes people use the opportunity of being at roof level when cleaning their gutters to also clean off solar light collecting panels or other outdoor lighting fixtures. You can use your gutter wand for that task as well.

If you do not want a special sprinkler garden hose to water your grass, landscaping, or garden then you might decide to use a sprinkler garden hose attachment. By attaching a sprinkler system to the end of your garden hose you get the added benefit of being able to adjust the amount of water that comes through the sprinkler and the direction of the flow.


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    • profile image

      Sthembiso 4 years ago

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    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 7 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      Yeah, cheap hoses aren't worth the money saved. Totally annoying. Buy good hoses and good attachments. Cheap ones cost more because they break quickly.

      Also, buy two shorter lengths rather than one long hose. Short ones are easy to manage and roll up when you are done. Long ones are a pain.


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