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Work Gloves

Updated on November 9, 2010

Work gloves may be something that the average person thinks are reserved for construction workers or people doing manual labor. But the truth is that every homeowner should also have certain tools for doing chores outside such as a garden hose and a good pair of work gloves. They are an essential tool in almost any outdoor maintenance project and they come in handy for many indoor tasks as well. In fact, work gloves are probably more important for the average person than for a professional construction worker or laborer because most people have soft hands and they need to extra protection for almost every task. In addition, most people want to stay clean as much as possible and work gloves are a way to accomplish that. Gloves for working at home come in many styles and materials which will be discussed here.

Work Glove Materials

When it comes to choosing the right material for your work gloves there are two things you should consider.  First, you personal style and comfort are important because you want the working gloves to be as fashionable as possible and feel as good as they can.  Since you cannot make them look beautiful, you should at least be comfortable wearing them.  Second, the job you will be completing is important because certain materials are better suited to certain tasks or situations.

Leather work gloves are probably the most common material.  Leather is quite durable which makes it appropriate for almost any task.  The fabric is hard to tear pr puncture so it will offer great protection for even the softest of hands.  You can even get leather work gloves wet if you have to, but they will get stiff afterward and may not fit as well.  If it is possible, you should avoid getting your leather work gloves wet.  If the working gloves are made out of high quality leather, then they will also be very comfortable to wear because the leather will be soft and pliable.  In fact, the longer you wear leather work gloves, the softer they will get and they will form to the shape of your hand.  It will be like you made your work gloves out of a mold of your hand.  Another advantage of leather is that it is warm.  Your hands will stay warm in the winter.

If you are going to be working in a garden or anywhere where your hands might get wet, then you should consider the second most popular work gloves material, cotton.  Cotton work gloves are great for wet environments because they can get wet and be washed in a washing machine without losing any of their comfort or quality. The gloves will still fit well and will not lose their shape.  The only problem with cotton work gloves is that they do not offer the same amount of protection as some other materials.  It is easy to pierce a cotton glove and they can tear or rip apart over time.  Cotton can also be warm like leather, but an added advantage is that cotton breathes very well and your hands will stay cool in the summer too.

Other possible work glove materials include nylon, synthetic leather, or spandex.  These materials are not as common and may or may not suit your needs.  Synthetic materials are often less expensive than the real thing, so the synthetic leather might be a good alternative if you are strapped for cash but need the durability and strength of leather.  Nylon and spandex will provide a tight fit and will help keep your hands warm, but they do not breath as well as natural fibers like leather or cotton.

Work Glove Styles

Once you decide on the material for your working gloves, the next step is to pick between the many styles of work gloves there are on the market.  It is extremely important that you make the right decision here, because a glove that does not fit well can be a disaster for any homeowner.  If your gloves do not fit well, you can get blisters or your gloves might slip off while you are wearing them allowing something heavy to drop or a critical step to be ruined.   You need to think about the style of the fingers, the wrist, and the palm of the glove.

When it comes to the wrist of the work glove, you can either have a tight fitting wrist or a flared wrist.  The advantage of the tight fitting wrist is that it causes the work gloves to stay on better and it allows you to wear clothing over the wrist of the glove.  This could be important in cold weather when you want your jacket to cover all of your exposed skin.  A flared wrist is also good in cold weather if you need to take the glove off and on quickly while working.  The flared wrist will fit well around your heavy outer clothing, but your glove will not be trapped under a coat sleeve if you need to take it off.

For the palm of the glove, you need to think about whether or not you want grips. If you will be doing any lifting while wearing your work gloves, then grips are essential. The last thing you want is to let something heavy slip out of your hands. The grips will help you hold and lift things securely. However, grips might get in the way if you are working on other projects. For example, if you are doing some building or sanding, then you want a smooth palm so that you can feel if your work is smooth.

When it comes to the fingers of your working gloves, you have the choice of whether or not there are finger holes at the ends. Some tasks require the extra dexterity that only your bare fingers can provide. The work gloves do protect your fingers and hands, but they also cause your fingers to be bulky and you cannot complete tasks that require great dexterity or precision. For example, if you are checking the batteries in your solar garden lights or other solar light fixtures, then you need to be able to handle small items carefully and gloved fingers will not get the job done.

Disposable Work Gloves

There is one last choice for work gloves that a homeowner can choose.  If you are going to be doing a task like grout cleaning that will cause your gloves to get messy with possibly mold infested gunk, then you might not want to use the same work gloves again after you complete your task.  If that is the case, then you will want disposable work gloves.  Generally, the disposable work gloves will not be made of the same materials as the gloves discussed above.  The gloves will most likely be some kind of plastic or latex.  Some home owners choose to wear simple latex gloves like what doctors wear over a pair of normal work gloves.


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      4 years ago

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      4 years ago

      I really like that you're hgniliihthgg the coordination of the Advanced Style ladies because it seems like fashion commentators, stylists, and designers are always talking about things being to "match-y." What happened to the days when a womans shoes and purses, which were not only color coordinated, but were made by the same designer and could be purchased as a set!?!Thank you Ari for showing us that these ladies look fabulous by not sticking to current fashion rules!

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      bin woork glove 

      7 years ago

      Yes, leather gloves, disposable glove, and coated gloves are almost all I ever saw. different ones have different usage.


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