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Gated Retirement Communities In South Africa

Updated on December 6, 2008

Over 55's Enjoy Gated Retirement Communities And Retirement Villages In South Africa

Why the clamor for gated retirement communities and retirement villages in South Africa? How about magnificent scenery? Or what about breathtaking coastal areas? Not to mention the advantageous exchange rate in the case of overseas visitors who decide to stay. The over 55 age bracket has discovered that gated retirement communities or retirement villages in South Africa offer such a wealth of services and amenities that moving in becomes a given.

It is clear that developers can't seem to keep up with the demand for these retirement estates, especially in the Southern and Western Cape. With attractive and affordable options such as Summervale Lifestyle and Retirement Village in Gordon's Bay or Avonddans Estate in Great Brakrivier, homes don't remain empty for long. In fact, many of these developments sell out while still in the planning stages.

Retirement in South Africaoffers so many enjoyable, secure options for the over 55 age bracket, that it may be tough to choose. Gated retirement communities or retirement villages in South Africa provide for just about any kind of activity you can imagine, from the obvious golf estate set-up to trout fishing. Retirement in South Africa can of course also make remarkable financial sense, due to favorable exchange rates.

Many of the retirement villages in South Africa are specifically aimed at folks over 55, in other words active seniors, and therefore provide all the necessary amenities and activities for active living. Many of them are also situated close to some of the most popular tourist destinations, such as the Kruger National Park or the Waterfront in Cape Town.

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