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Generac Generator Reviews

Updated on May 9, 2015

Why Choose Generac?

When power outage hits you, the first thing you’ll ever need is a generator. Why? It will keep you and your family safe from any disaster that may arise when you see nothing at all.

Generac is the brand trusted by many people for years because of its excellent performance and reliability. Generac is known for years in producing top of the line machines and the Generac Generator Reviews may help you in any way.

Generac 5735 GP17500E

1. Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator

If you need to power the entire home with a single generator, the Generac 5735 GP17500E is in no doubt a powerful beast that you can depend on. If you think it’s hard to pull on this gigantic piece, you’ll be surprise how easy it is using its electric start feature.

Need to use it on your job site or even in any of your recreational activities? Its worry free portable design can take you anywhere you want to. The Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator delivers a whooping 26,250 starting watts or 17,500 running watts which are ideal for huge amount of power requirement.

With this enormous power, it can run up to 5-ton A/C unit, fridge or any power hungry appliances. If you’re working on projects you can plug in as many power tools at the same time. If you plan to use it on your RV it can power up anything in it.


The Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator is design for ultimate performance in which the main purpose is to produce an excellent engine power. As a result, it can run for days of continuous usage without any power interruption. Its OHVI engine features a full pressure lubrication that works exactly as the car engine oil filter spin style that will last for many years.


For maximum durability and strength it features a solid steel frame of premium 1 ¼ inch thick. It is by far the most solid steel frame on the market with an extra ¼ inch thicker than any of its competitor. In addition to that is the extra brackets and impact resistant corners that brings an extra ruggedness which is highly applicable for construction usage.

Easy Access Panel

The Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator features an easy access panel for simple and fast usage anytime. Unlike any other brands which is difficult to access especially in the dark due to its awkward locations. The panel includes an hour meter and fuel gauge that keeps you track every time moreover, for maintenance purposes as well.

Bottom Line

The Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator is an excellent choice if durability, reliability and huge power are in demand. It can run almost everything at home in case of emergency. Its durable design makes it ideal for contractor which is highly dependable of running any power tools out there. The price it offers is very affordable and includes a two year warranty for your added value and peace of mind.

Generac GP17500E

Generac 6001 LP5500

2. Generac 6001 LP5500 Propane Generator

If you’re having problem finding a local gas station on your nearby town a liquid propane portable generator is definitely a good choice. The Generac 6001 LP5500 Propane Generator is powered by Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) which is readily available in every household. When power outage hits you it can be instantly available in no time.

Advantages Of Propane Generator

As I mention earlier, it is readily available in almost every household

Safer to use and you can stockpile as many as you can without worrying of spillage

No need to clean up for the gas leftover on the tank after every usage

Safer to transport

Brings Power Anywhere

The Generac 6001 LP5500 Propane Generator is powered by 389cc OHV engine that delivers 6,875 watts of peak power and 5,500 watts of effective power. It can be supply by either 20-pound or 30-pound liquid propane cylinder for you convenience. Its fuel tank holder can accommodate either of the two.

Though it weighs 184 pounds you can easily transport it with its pair of heavy duty never flat tire. A dolly style folding handle gives you an extra portability and maneuverability so that you can bring the power anywhere you need to. This makes it ideal for camping, covering any outdoor events, job sites for your projects and home backup power as well.

More Features

The Generac 6001 LP5500 Propane Generator provides more features that make it safe and maximize its utilization. Protect the engine from possible damage with the low oil shutdown. The 30-Amp outlet permits you to connect directly to a manual transfer switch that provides backup power to your home.

The circuit breaker protects your appliances and the generator as well whenever an overload arises. It is protected by cover for added security against harsh environment. The power Dial feature incorporates every function of the engine for easy and fast control.


The Generac 6001 LP5500 Propane Generator is design for durability to keep it in good shape for longer period of time. It is built with solid steel tube cradle with 0.25 inch thick that offers extra durability for tough work. The unit is back up with a 2-year residential warranty and 1-year commercial warranty for your added peace of mind.

Bottom Line

The Generac 6001 LP5500 Propane Generator provides the adequate power for medium application. It is great for outdoor activities such as camping, boating cover sporting events, running power tools at job site or simply home backup. If you’re looking for a readily available back up power this is definitely a good choice.

Generac 6001 LP5500

Generac 5793 iX2000

Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator

If a light and extremely portable generator is what you’re craving for the Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator could be an excellent choice. Not only that, it can power up your most sensitive electronic equipment without any harm.

Advantages Of Inverter Generator

Inverter generator produces the purest sine wave that makes it safer to use in any sensitive electronics

Inverters are lighter and easier to carry or transport

If you hate those noises, inverter generator is definitely a way to go

Clean Power Anytime

The Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator delivers clean power anytime with 2,200 watts of starting power and 2,000 watts effective power. This makes it ideal for camping, tailgating, any recreational activities or simply home back up power.

Compact Design

The Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator comes in a compact design in a durable casing. With its ultra lightweight body makes it easy to transport anywhere when power is needed. It features a built-in handle on top of it for fast and simply luggage.

Fuel Saver

The Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator is design for excellent fuel saver so that a single full tank can run for longer period of time. It doesn’t matter if the power outage extends for longer period of time this generator can save your day.

Great Features

The Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator comes with more delivers more features. Starting with the Electronic Circuit Breaker, that protects it against overloading. The Low Oil shutdown protects the engine from damaging due to insufficient oil supply. There’s an indicator lights on the panel to give you visualization of the system status.

Bottom Line

The Generac 5793 iX2000 Inverter Generator is great for any recreational activities due to its lightweight, compact and durable design. Its 2,000 watts power can power up your sensitive appliances that doesn’t cause any harm with its clean power source. The price it offer is too low compare to other big names out there that greatly add to its value.

Generac 5793 iX2000


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