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Get Rid of Mice - Get Rid of Rats - Get Rid of Squirrels: Forever

Updated on May 8, 2012

Hantavirus - New Cases Breakout in California, Canada and Mexico

When we think of strobe lights we think of haunted houses or dance floors, but with The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light rodents will be dancing their way out of your home fast and forever. With Hantavirus on the rise again, folks are wondering the best ways to get rid of mice, rats and other cute but feral critters; squirrels, raccoon and other squatters that hide in attics and crawl spaces. The Center for Disease Control reports there are 60 diseases transmitted by rodents, more recently, Breast Cancer research exposed that up to 50% this disease could be caused by mice. The cause of 30% of house fires, thousands in property damage expenses, rodents can also invade your HVAC - then you'll be breathing recirculated rodent debris, in all, they can make you physically or financially sick! This is part one of a two part article.

How to Make Rodents Avoid Your House!

Of the many rodent control solutions on the market, many DO work, but some have unintended consequences. Getting rid of rodents can be pure hell, especially when you have to throw out contaminated food, pay for repairs or visit the doctor because you've been exposed to some questionable rodent. Exasperating and futile as it seems, especially when those dang rodents return or others invade their nests and areas, there is a deterrent that repels rodents.

Have you tried all the methods of rodent control unsuccessfully? Do you have a small rodent infestation now? Those that have been unsuccessful in rodent control know that rodent infestations may appear tiny at first, but grow quickly to become a huge unmanageable predicament. Just know that the sight of two mice, can become 4,500 in a year, no exaggeration.

There aren't many rodent deterrents on the market, except sonic repellents or natural scents. Natural scents such as peppermint may work temporarily, but it wont't conquer an infestation; it will just keep rodents such as mice, away from that small area.

Sonic Repellents, by law, come with a disclaimer, a "contradiction" to the advertised claims that product works; one of those "gray" areas. While the sonic repellent may work in the immediate area at first, rodents get used to the frequency and return. In the last decade the FTC placed a mandate that requires sonic repellent manufacturers to post a dislaimer on their site or product.

Product Cost vs Cost of Rodent Damage and Sickness

A behavior changing deterrent, this product is not a sonic repellent. Up front, I will tell you it is more expensive than your average mouse trap. Why? Because it works. This solution will please everyone across the spectrum, it's eco- friendly and not fatal to rodents. This light changes the rodents behavior and it isn't something they will ever "get used to." By inducing a flight response, out of fear rodents vacate the premises and will not return as long as the unit remains active.

The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light 10K & 100K

Rodent Strobe Light Use on Animals

The word "rodent" means to gnaw, and that includes grey, flying, brown, any squirrels; roof, wharf, brown or black rats; raccoons, chipmunks, any rodent really that’s made way to your attic, crawlspace or outside buildings. While not rodents, birds and bats are also considered attic and building pests. During the 60's era the US Government began studies on the effects of strobe lights on predatory animals and fish.

The US Fish and Wildlife department deployed strobes underwater at inlets to deter predatory eels, and in forest parks to control bears, coyotes, wolves, lions and other disruptive animals. The strobe was also tested on bats and birds. In the case of birds, it was used to deter in avoiding collisions at air traffic control towers. But, the studies we are most interested in are those pest invasions of rodents (while not the topic covered, birds vacate as well).

The strobe lights permeate the rodents sensitive eyes, blinding him; fear and anxiety sets in causing an increase in heartbeat; some freeze with fear, others run to safety. The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light encourages an avoidance response; once the light is shut off, the rodent will either leave the area or seek shelter.

The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light Inventor

The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light Reviews are in

Reviewed by the Washington Post, Pest Professional Magazine, TV Favorite "This Old House," and users, they say that this deterrence idea works with out a doubt.. It flat out deters rodents, rats, squirrels, raccoon, and other pests that don't belong in your home. What you say? No way! Just read all Amazon customer reviews.

Evictor Rodent Strobe Light Review by Ask the Exterminiator

Rodent Strobe Light Use and Cautions

Eco-friendly, energy efficient and economical, The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light is threatening yet absolutly harmless to the animal. Whether you call it a deterrent or repellent, it does both. Unlike earlier manufacturers, there is no siren, it is positively silent. The Strobe contains no chemicals nor odors. In part two you'll find some warnings to humans, as the company cautions reading the instructions before use; for your safety, please read the accompanying hub and read those instructions first when you get your strobe. Get rid of those pesky critters now, The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light is available in several different strengths depending on area needed, yet produces the tiniest amount of heat, nothing to be concerned about.

Even the White House has Rodents

And I don't mean the political kind. A common misconception is that rodents only take up house in an unkept home; while it doesn't help matters, that concept alone is simply not true. Please share your story with the readers to let them know they are not alone. What did you do to solve your rodent problem? Did it work?

Rodent Strobe Light Studies

FTC Warns Manufacturers and Retailers of Ultrasonic Pest-control Devices

Pest Management Professional

Washington Post Article

Internet Center for Wildlife Management (can't list all resources to the following since it's considered more than two links to same domain-so just add this link as the prefix to the following below)

  1. Coyotes (handbook/carnivor/Coyotes/Coyotes.aspx)
  2. Mountain Lions (handbook/carnivor/MountainLion.asp)
  3. Foxes (handbook/carnivor/foxes.asp)
  4. Birds (handbook/birds/BirdDamage.asp)

Damage prevention and control measure for Raccoon in Illinois

Effect of Strobe in Mice

Increased susceptibility to ventricular arrhythmias in a rodent model of experimental depression (pubmed/14715499)

American Physiological Society- Circadian system of mice integrates brief light stimuli

American Physiological Society -Cardiovascular alterations and autonomic imbalance in an experimental model of depression

American Physiological Society -Light-induced uncoupling of multioscillatory circadian system in a diurnal rodent, Asian chipmunk (content/276/5/R1390.abstract?sid=a464cacb-345b-4200-83d4-aec7b90da682)

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UAG

UCIPM Online


Disocver Magazine


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    • badegg profile image

      Del Banks 6 years ago from Southern Appalachians

      Thanks for posting this! I live deep in the country in a wooded rural area. At sundown, you can literally hear the rats coming toward the house from the nearby fields and woods. It's like hearing the "Langoliers" when they were coming. I will definitely look into a rodent strobe. Tnanks!

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Glensa: Thanks so much for the comments. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, that must be a horrible ordeal to have to live through. I just received an article from a guest poster, who wrote about this very thing, Hantavirus, and the procedure during a hospital stay. For anyone interested, it isn't up yet, but watch my feed here and it should show up when its ready. Very scary.

      Glensa also if your interested, there are a few articles I have over at blogspot that talks about how we used the rodent strobe effectively for mice. You can catch it from my rss feed here or at the main site. Good luck in your effort to get rid of mice, rats or what ever rodent you are battling.

    • profile image

      glensa 6 years ago

      My cousin got hantavirus a decade ago. He was a janitor and the warehouse was infested where he worked. He survived but he was really sick. I know from reading your other stuff and other sites that mice and rats carry over 50 diseases. i didnt know that they can transmit salmonella until i read your stuff. thank you for that. Everyone should know this but i think not many do. When you hear about outbreaks of samonelaa and ecoli it makes me wonder now. i never thought about how it actually started before i read your pages.

    • profile image

      glensa 6 years ago

      Wow, you r all over the place, not in words, i mean the web. i remember your icon of the lady with traps on her face. we are going to buy this light and try it. we tried everything else but it hasnt worked as a permanaent solution. i hope the rodent strobe light works cuz its our last hope, just gotta wait for payday. i hate the winter, cuz thats when they all come in. thanks for the tips

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Napetv-Why thank you! I heard Occupy Wall Street locations were having rat problems, but I'm afraid to say the rodent strobe would clear these folks out

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Roofer1 or should I say Mr. Earl!-What a delight and honor to have the inventor of the Evictor Rodent Strobe Light commenting on my hub. I sold a few Evictors this week; seems like the word is getting out what an efficient humane product the rodent strobe lights are.

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Sinea-raccoons are cute to look at but not to deal with. I remember hearing a noise one night and I looked out the top floor window to the first floor roof below to see a raccoon family of 8 beady eyes looking back at me. I freaked. The houses were so close together, it almost seemed like they hopped roof to roof everyone on our side of the street had them on the roof and some inside attics. Not sure what I would do if I was face to face with them with not window in between.

    • profile image

      roofer1 6 years ago

      Hello Sinea,

      After I had created the Evictor Strobe Light to evict squirrels, we were told by customers that the Evictor Strobes were also evicting raccoons, skunks, possums and roof rats.

      Our larger (1 Million Candlepower Strobe ) is now the recommended model for raccoons. It usually takes about a week for them to leave.....but they DO LEAVE....Permanently. With squirrels and roof rats, the eviction only takes about a day or two.

      We now have many happy customers worldwide using the Evictor Strobe Lights.

      Bill Earl

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      How about raccoons? Years ago we had them in our crawl space above our bedrooms! They had a nest in there and at night it'd sound like we had a bowling alley up there. They had crawled up the downspout and gnawed right through the metal vent to get in there.

      We finally hired a pro to get rid of them. They were trap-smart so he was going to have to shoot them! Yikes!~ Thank God they all had gone out for a stroll and the exterminator put a new grate up. No more entrance!

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Holdmycoffee- I love your hub name. Sounds like what I tell my kids, they always ask me to do something when I having my coffee. Only I might say it grouchy if its before I get to my first sip of the day!

      The Evictor Rodent Strobe has been on the market for a few years and now its just making news as you could see from the old house video. It's a great way to get rid of squirrels.

    • The-BestMouseTrap profile image

      Pam Valentine 6 years ago from The Heartland, USA

      Rebeccamealey - thanks you for your comment,hoping to get the word out there, the strobes have been around for a while, but when people search for them they don't show up.

    • holdmycoffee profile image

      holdmycoffee 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub, very educational. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 6 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Interesting! I have never heard of a rodent strobe light, thanks for sharing!


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