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Glazing Kitchen Cabinets - How to Easily Glaze Your Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on February 12, 2018

What is Glazing?

The day has come. You are ready to change the look of your kitchen. But a complete renovation is out of the picture, you don't have the money or energy to put in new cabinets or appliances. So what are your options?

One idea that is becoming a favorite is to simply redo the cabinets. The choices homeowners usually consider are replacing, refacing, or painting their cabinets. But to give your kitchen a more traditional antiqued look with about the same amount of work as painting you may want to try glazing kitchen cabinets.

Glazing kitchen cabinets can create that antiqued look after your kitchen has been upgraded or remodeled. It is often used to create an aged or distressed appearance, which is a great way to take the old and tired look of kitchen and make it look older and quaint, like it has aged for decades. It can work nicely in an area that has been decorated with antique furniture.

Glazing can be added to many types of surfaces, cabinets and other surfaces that were previously stained or painted, and favorite technique is to apply it over a stencil. Another technique is to put it down selectively on the edge or border in the door, which works to highlight the features of the woodwork.

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets Video

How to Glaze Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

The process of glazing is very similar to painting kitchen cabinets. The preparation work is similar, you should probably remove the cabinet doors and paint them when they are removed. Take off the hinges and other hardware. The surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly, a commercial cleaner is recommended unless you have just put on a fresh coat of paint as preparation.

The glaze mixture itself is made up of paint and a thinner or solvent that can either be water or a commercial solvent. Because of this thinning, it's sometimes referred to as a "wash", especially with water as the solvent. You can also buy prepared premixed glazes. If you are making your own mix, you can easily adjust the thinning be changing the ratio of paint to solvent to arrive at the appearance you want. The most common mix is one part paint to one part solvent, but to lighten or darken the wash you can make it one to three or three to one.

Actually putting on the glaze is similar to painting. Just like when painting kitchen cabinets, you need to prepare the area by covering with drop cloths. Be very selective with you choice of brushes, this is not the place to cut corners. For just a few dollars more a good brush will make a world of difference.

Get going on this simple home improvement project today!


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    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 

      10 years ago

      hey this is an interesting option for updating those old tired cabinets...;)


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