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GlobeIn Fair Trade Subscription Box - The Picnic Box Review

Updated on August 2, 2016

The June box of the GlobeIn box, a subscription box of fair trade artisan products delivered on a monthly basis, had a very summer-appropriate theme: picnic! It's a lovely little box that's just made for an outing on a sunny day. Have a look below!

Palm Leaf Bottle Basket from Mexico

Unlike the last time, when I accidentally ordered the basket replacement product, this time I picked the replacement product on purpose. It was a lovely bottle basket, done in the same style and by the same company as the regular baskets. It came in a lovely green color, and is really well-made (albeit a bit squished from the journey here). It was a little smaller than I had expected and it won't quite fit a wine bottle, but it will do fine with any narrower bottle. I'm using it for a 700ml bottle of scotch at the moment.

Neem Wood Cutting Board from India

This cutting board, called a travel cutting board on account of the small size, is made in India from neem wood. It's a lovely shape and size, although the coloration of the one I got is a bit odd but that's not too important to me. This product isn't anything special, but it's still very useful. I actually didn't have any wooden cutting boards before, and they're just so much nicer to use than plastic ones!

Color Travel Cup from India

A second product from India in this box is a lovely travel mug in stainless steel with a funky abstract pattern. I'm usually not very fond of things with unsymmetrical patterns like this, but this one is just so lively and colorful! I quite like it. It's a good size too, and though it's not an insulating cup I think it will come quite in handy.

Picnic Blanket from Cambodia

This picnic blanket was definitely the highlight of this box for me. It's quite a sizable blanket, big enough for a small group. It's made with fabric on one side, a nice black-and-red checker pattern, and recycled plastic on the other side. It looks really sturdy and well-made, and of course the plastic will keep dew on the grass from soaking through and making you wet when you sit on it. The blanket is made by Peace Handicrafts, a Cambodian organization that trains and employs disabled, deaf and underprivileged people to make products using recycled materials. Certainly a good cause, and a great product!

Overall Impression

A great, very solid box with a strong theme! I will definitely get good use out of all these items, I can tell you that much. The blanket was a particular hit as was the bottle basket, but the other things were nice also. I look forward to more boxes like this.

Do you like going on picnics? What's your favorite picnic foods?


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