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GlobeIn Fair Trade Subscription Box - The Spring Clean Box Review

Updated on July 29, 2016

GlobeIn is a subscriptions box service which delivers carefully curated boxes of Fair Trade items, bought at fair prices from a range of artisans all around the world, to your door monthly. Their April 2016 box was themed Spring Clean and contained a set of items meant to help you clean and organize your house. For once, my review doesn't contain a "group shot" of the entire contents: it was just a bit tricky to get a good shot of everything at once.

Upcycled Container from Cambodia

For April, GlobeIn introduced a new feature, namely the option to switch the usual weaved basket out for another product. This time, it was an uncylced container made of waste plastic from Cambodia. I didn't actually intend to get the replacement product; I didn't know you had to check a box in your subscriber profile in order to select the basket and not the replacement. So when it first came, I was a bit disappointed but then I realized this will actually make a great addition to my kitchen! Since it's plastic and won't be adversely affected by moisture, I can use it for my sponges and such! It looks very well-made, in spite of being a bit crumpled from its long trip here.

Kitchen Towel from Turkey

This lovely, and very large, hand-weaved kitchen towel comes from Turkey. It's the same style as the towel I got in the Bathe Box but a different size and color, though equally lovely and I believe it comes from the same manufacturer. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a hanger, but I can fix that quickly enough myself!

Surface Cleaner from Ghana and India

This eco-friendly cleaning product was an interesting addition to the Spring Clean box. It is manufactured by Traidefair, a charitable company based in the UK. However, it contains fair trade palm oil from Ghana and fair trade coconut oil from India, hence why it qualifies as a fair trade product. Now, I normally prefer the GlobeIn products to be entirely manufactured in impovrished areas, however I make exceptions for products like this which contain a range of ingredients and might as such be harder for a small community to produce. I haven't tried this yet; I want to finish my current bottle of cleaner first, but it smells wonderfully of lemon and lime.

Scrubbers from India

These scrubbers are made by a knitting co-op in India which give women in the Calcutta region a chance for increased financial autonomy. The scrubbers, called Toockies after the co-op's founder's relative who used to make such scrubbers, are made of organic cotton and jute. It's a two-pack, one in off-white and one in brown. The knitting looks fantastic, very well-made and I look forward to trying it out. I suspect the weave will make it much better with difficult stains than the usual ones I use. Plus, I love washable, reusable products!

Hanging Wall Organizer from Peru

This was by far my favorite in this box. It's gorgeous and I just wasn't able to take a picture that did it justice. The colors are wonderful, as are the patterns and I like the combination of one big pocket at the bottom and smaller pockets higher up. The organizer is made by a ASWAN, an organization for disabled artisans. I haven't quite decided if I want this in the kitchen or the bedroom yet, but either way it'll look amazing I'm sure!

Overall Impressions

All in all, I feel this box is solidly satisfying. I love how practical it is, and the wall hanger organizer is one of my favorite GlobeIn products to date, all boxes considered. I also like the feature of being able to replace the usual baskets with something else. Although I love the baskets, and they're eminently giftable, sometimes it's nice to switch it up a bit. I'm sure I'll be using the feature a lot in the future.


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