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Granite Vs Solid Surface Countertops

Updated on August 17, 2015

Which is better- Granite or Solid Surface?

Granite and solid surface are among the most popular countertop material types. This is due to the fact that they are both aesthetically appealing and yet rarely disappoint when it comes to functionality. Below is a comprehensive comparison of granite countertops and solid surface countertops.

Water and Moisture resistance

Granite countertops are made from natural stone. This means that they are naturally porous and allow water and other liquids to seep through them. This can be a disadvantage as if unchecked it could lead to mold formation and overall weakening of the surface of the countertop that has absorbed too much water.

Solid surface countertops are man-made and are completely water proof and moisture resistant. The material mainly used to make the countertops is acrylic which is non-porous. This makes it easier to clean and leaves no worries in case there is a liquid spilt on it.

Granite countertop
Granite countertop | Source

Sealing requirements

The fact that granite is porous means that granite countertops need to be sealed. Sealing is usually done once a year and protects the granite and the underlying surface from water damage.

Solid surface countertops are water resistant and therefore do not need to be sealed. This is a major perk and saves on time and money.

Appearance and aesthetic appeal

Granite countertops are without doubt superior when it comes to aesthetic appeal. They have a flashy and glossy appearance that makes every penny spent on it worth it. The fact that it is all natural means that every pattern is unique.

Solid surface countertops have a more artificial look to them. This, however, does not mean that they do not have their own charm. The fact that they are man-made means that the color palate and the design variety are practically limitless. This leaves one with a whole lot more to choose from.

Solid surface countertop
Solid surface countertop | Source


Granite is one of the most expensive countertop options nut is undoubtedly worth the cost. On average, it costs about 100-150 US Dollars per square foot. The reason why it is so expensive is because of the all natural status and the uniqueness in every piece.

Solid surface countertops are more affordable ranging from 80-120 US Dollars. The price varies based on design and color. The affordability is because the mass production makes lowering costs easy for the manufacturing companies.

Heat resistance

Granite countertops are basically made from rock. And what rock does best is to resist heat. This allows the surface to withstand extreme heat without cracking or becoming deformed in any way at all.

Solid surface countertops are a little less resistant to heat. Some studies have shown that prolonged exposure to extremely hot objects such as hot pans can discolor the surface or leave ugly scorch marks. It is therefore advised to that one should not place hot objects directly onto the surface of solid surface countertops.

Each of these two countertop bigwigs has their own strengths as well as short comings. It however goes without saying that they are excellent choices that make all the difference in your kitchen.


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