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Greater Seattle and Los Angeles Areas Online Grocery Shopping – Delivery to Your Door

Updated on June 14, 2013

Pint Rows of Blueberries and Black Hull Berries

Pint Rows of Blueberries and Black Hull Berries
Pint Rows of Blueberries and Black Hull Berries | Source

A Review of Amazon Fresh Online Grocery Shopping Program

For residents living in the Greater Seattle Washington / Eastside areas of thePacific Northwest, here’s a review and overview of Amazon’s Fresh program. It’s an online grocery shopping, delivery to your door service for those living in these areas and communities: Seattle, West Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Bothell, Crossroads, Mill Creek, Carnation, Gold Bar, Edmonds, Fall City, Preston, Kenmore, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Lynnwood, Hobart, Medina, Yarrow Point, Clyde Hill, Covington, Mountlake Terrace, North Bend, Redmond, Duvall, Renton, Snoqualmie, Woodinville, Burien, Shoreline, Seatac, and Tukwila. You can periodically check their website to see if your area has been added.

Amazon is now also serving areas of Los Angeles as well.

Benefits of Grocery Shopping Online

Let’s face it, not everyone loves going grocery shopping, especially when you’re schedule is already full, and perhaps you have to bring children shopping with you.

Here are some unique benefits to do your grocery shopping online:

  • Not having to go the store thus saving precious time.
  • Not needing to bring children or others shopping with you.
  • Getting groceries delivered to your door, especially welcome if you live in a high rise condo or apartments.
  • Saves money by reducing impulse buying, allowing one to shop more accurately from their specific grocery / menu list.
  • Fresh produce is not handled, touched and squeezed by shoppers all day, as it is in a store, reducing bruising and surely spreading of some germs.
  • You can even do your grocery shopping by an app on your smart phone, if stuck in traffic, waiting for an appointment, etc. this allows better use of that down time.
  • Perfect for people sick, or shut in to get their groceries without needing to depend on others to take them to the store.
  • No crowds to fight at the store or long lines to wait to check out.
  • Saves gas money from needing to drive to the store.

I just got my first grocery order delivered (on a Sunday night, prepping for my work week) to my door on a third story apartment, and I’m so thrilled with the discovery of this program. I didn’t have to waste my precious weekend off time going food shopping and being useful methods to find a better quality of work life balance.

They have an amazing selection of food and other grocery products; main stay familiar brands of foods we shop for everyday in any grocery store. Their produce is exceptional, and being a vegetarian, that’s important to me. Fresh, big, ripe and in great shape came all my fruits and vegetables. There’s also a huge selection or organic foods, from great quality meats, produce, cereal, frozen foods and every other kind of organic food you like.

The prices are comparable to what you’d find in your local grocery stores on most items. They also carry your standard laundry and house cleaning products, paper products and more. If there is a specific product you want, that they don’t carry, you can submit a request for them to begin to offer that product and they’ll do their best to get it. If for any reason you’re not happy with your order, their motto is to contact them and “they’ll make it right”.

Amazon Fresh makes the shopping experience simple and quick. There are drop down filters to search that you can customize to brand, type of food, or even anything that’s gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc. You can then order it to sort by price. They have special deals that you can browse through. The favorite staples that you use frequently, you can save in your own personalized shopping list that’s saved for future use, making shopping next time even faster. There is a $50.00 minimum for an order.

Plan your menu for the week, and shop from the comfort of your home straight from your list, around your schedule.

Delivery of Grocery Foods to Your Door

Your groceries are delivered to your door in soft or hard totes (you choose). You save these totes after unloading. The first option (green option), is when you place your next order, give these totes to the driver, or set on your doorstep for pickup. Second option if you don’t choose to order again, is to schedule a pickup of these totes.

Your food is kept chilled and frozen (if needed), in the totes, and in a climate controlled truck to keep your food fresh.

Customers have several options to choose from for delivery. One choice is unattended drop off, mostly being pre-dawn deliveries. They will leave your groceries on your doorstep by6AM, not knocking or calling to wake up the household. The other option is you chose when you want your delivery dropped off when you are home. They do give weekend and evening options as well. In most cases you can place your order one day, and have it delivered the next day, and in some instances, even same day. Of course if you are under a deadline for something, you should plan accordingly and give more time.

Delivery fees vary, but if you end up paying full price for delivery it’s only $7.99, not too bad considering the cost of gas savings you’ll get not driving to the store, and for the time you will save.

They have a Big Radish program basically if you spend $300. in one month, delivery for the whole next month is free. When I shopped today however, my cart let me know how much I needed to spend this time to get free delivery, and it was around the $150.00 range, so I could choose the level I wanted.

How Amazon Fresh Program Works

Go to Amazon Fresh site and sign up for an account. Choose your desired delivery time (it’s a very simple, intuitive process on the site). Then hit the “Shop” tab, and begin adding items to your shopping cart. I suggest you make a customized list for yourself that is saved for future use of products you use all the time. The cart will also save automatically, a history of your purchases so you can find them easily down the line as well. When you are done with your cart, simply follow the prompts to check out. Wallah, your groceries will end up at your door when you specified them to!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest region or Los Angeles, you should really try Amazon’s Fresh service at least once.


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