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Gtech Airram High-Power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Updated on May 8, 2013
Gtech AirRam High-Powered Cordless vacuum Cleaner
Gtech AirRam High-Powered Cordless vacuum Cleaner | Source

Gtec AirRam - Modern Day Vacuum

This Gtec AirRam High Power Cordless Vacuum Review aims to give you an insight into the new and innovative vacuum cleaner from Britain, which is now available in America.

With comparisons to the first launches of Dyson, many feel this slick, lightweight and simple vacuum cleaner will be commonplace in households all over America.

It has taken Britain by storm with 121 5-star reviews in alone.

In this review you will see many aspects which separate this cordless vacuum cleaner from the competition. I have included video reviews to help you get a further insight.

The Gtech AirRam is the vacuum cleaner of the modern age. The new Dyson?

Who Are Gtech?

Gtech are a British company based in Worcestershire, England. They design and produce floor-care and gardening products, constantly knocking down innovation boundaries in these fields.

Led by the British inventor Nick Grey, Gtech are a global success, having sold more than 20 million floor sweepers.

With only 11 years in the industry they have led the way in functionality, design and engineering. They are now consider them experts in the floor-care field.

The launch of the Gtech AirRam will surely enable them to be a common household name all over the world.

The future is cordless vacuums
The future is cordless vacuums | Source

The Future of Vacuum Cleaners - Cordless

The Gtech AirRam is a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Tired of your long snagging cable and having to unplug just to move upstairs?

These days are no more as the AirRam has an innovative detachable, rechargeable battery.

This can be taken out of the AirRam and plugged into it's own charger, much like your cell phone. A four light indicator will let you know when it's charged and will also let you know when to charge it.

Gtech states that the Li-ion battery only takes 4 hours to charge and will give you up to 40 mins of vacuuming pleasure. Just imagine having the freedom to vacuum where you want, when you want without the restrictions of a cord.

I must stress at this point that although the battery charged fully in 4 hours, it didn't last 40 mins as suggested by Gtech, but instead lasted around 30 mins. This may be due to my house being larger than average. Not bragging but it's important to mention. The AirRam is still better than any competitor on running times.

Due to the clever design, you cannot see the battery, it fits well within the shaft and easily slots in and out. Can you spot the battery in the picture?

The power sent by the battery will more than match any mains driven cord vacuum.

The AirRam Bins
The AirRam Bins | Source

Gtech AirRam - Harvesting the Dirt

A great new innovation in vacuum cleaning is the two small bins which collect the dirt.

There are no expensive, fussy bags to replace and no need to get dust and dirt over your clothes when cleaning out cylinders.

The dirt vacuumed by the Gtech AirRam is cleverly compressed into two small bales at the front of the vacuum cleaner. Simply unclip and empty these bales into the bin mess and fuss free.

To be honest there was a little dust on emptying the bins but to be fair I feel this was because the bins weren't full. Wait until the bins are full and compacted before emptying.

No Loss of Suction
No Loss of Suction | Source

Certainly No Loss of Suction

Because it's tubeless and the bins for the collection of dust and dirt are close to the floor, the distance traveled by dust is extremely short. This makes for a powerful suction process.

The dirt from the floor travels less than 4 inches to the bins. No long tubes, or cyclones to travel through. Great design feature.

The Gtech AirRam is Extremely Lightweight
The Gtech AirRam is Extremely Lightweight | Source

Stop Dragging That Vacuum Around

The weight of the AirRam is only 7.7 lbs so long gone are the days of heavy lifting.

Take a look at the consumer video below, even a child can do the vacuum cleaning, not that i'm endorsing child labor!! Ha ha :)

The fantastic pivot style of the Gtech AirRam allows you to easily maneuver round chairs, under couches, beds.

The weight and style of the Gtech AirRam also makes it convenient to store in cupboards. Simple and easy to lift and maneuver.

Consumer Video Review

Watch how a child can put the AirRam together with ease. See how well the vacuum cleaner picks up sand rubbed into a carpet compared to a well known vacuum.

The Green Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a 2400W vacuum it may costs you up to $300 in electricity to run over 5 years.

The Gtech AirRam for the same period claims to cost you only $12. That's a saving of $282. (this is based on 20 mins vacuuming per day @ 20c per KWh)

Due to the battery type and power absorbed by the AirRam, it's over 20 times more energy efficient than many leading mains vacuum cleaners.


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