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Guide to Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on June 6, 2013

You probably know the old saying, Cleanliness is next to godliness. In other words,  keeping a clean appearance is necessary for your health, both in the body and in the spirit. For business owners, you might also say that cleanliness is next to keeping your employees and customers happy. In order for your business to be an attractive place so that you can keep your best employees and bring your customers back to you, you will need to run a tidy ship. Keeping the office or showroom clean is of utmost importance.

In the never ending job of keeping your business clean, one of the most important tools you will own will be your vacuum cleaner. Not only do your floors get the most wear and tear and attract the most dirt, they are also one of the most conspicuous places that people will see in your business. This is true whether the floors are in the back areas of the company or out front where the customers are. To keep your floors clean, you will need a vacuum cleaner that was made to do the job. You will need a vacuum that is powerful enough to clean areas that get a lot of traffic and one that will stand up to daily use. For these purposes, you are going to require a commercial vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning a big business requires a commercial vacuum cleaners.
Cleaning a big business requires a commercial vacuum cleaners.

About Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed with the business owner in mind. These vacuums are made to do the job well and to clean your floors in an efficient and timely manner. Thus, commercial vacuum cleaners often leave off the fancy bells and whistles of home vacuum cleaners in favor of providing high power and ease of use. Of course, durability is of the utmost importance. The purchase of a commercial vacuum is an investment and you will want a vacuum that will hold up over the years. Also, because keeping your business clean and tidy is of the utmost importance to you, you will not want to spend a lot of time and effort having your commercial vacuum repaired, putting it out of service while it is at the repair shop.

Within the class of commercial vacuum cleaners there are a number of types of vacuums that you can chose from. There are the shop type vacuums that roll on sturdy wheels with hose attachments for cleaning, there are the upright models that resemble many home vacuum cleaners but that are adapted to the special needs of businesses, and there are the backpack vacuum cleaners that allow you to carry the motor unit of the vacuum on your back and handle the cleaning hoses with a full range of motion.

Purchasing Commercial Vacuums

Each of the types of vacuums described above have different advantages to the business owner. The type of commercial vacuum you will require will depend on the individual needs of your company. This will include how much cleaning you will need to do, both in terms of floor space to be covered and amount of cleaning volume in that floor space, as well as the types of materials your vacuum will need to extract from the floor. Of course, whether your floors are carpeted or bare will also be a consideration in buying a commercial vacuum cleaner.

Many different vacuum manufacturers make commercial grade vacuums. Some of the more well known manufacturers of this type of vacuum include Pullman Holt, Sanitaire, Century, Pacifica, and Powr-Flite. Most of these models come with the features that a business needs to do a proper job of cleaning the floor. These features include extra long heavy duty power cords, easy to change or empty collection bags, extra wide cleaning paths, and powerful headlights to clean in dim areas or after hours. Of course, heavy duty and powerful motors are a must have feature in any commercial vacuum cleaner.

Special features of certain commercial vacuum cleaners include the ability to reverse airflow so that the vacuum becomes a powerful blower. Wet/dry vacuums allow you to add water and detergent to your floor cleaning regimen should you require that kind of cleaning power. If your floors become dirty with very heavy materials such as sawdust, then you may be in need of a shop vacuum that is designed especially to handle this kind of dirt. As mentioned above, one type of commercial vacuum equips the operator with a backpack to power the vacuum. These types of machines are excellent when maneuverability is important in your business. Stairs and tight corners and spaces can be easily accessed with commercial vacuums that employ backpacks in their design.

As you can see, there are quite a few choices when it comes to purchasing a commercial grade vacuum cleaner. You will want to shop around to find the machine that is best for you and your company. Keep your floors clean and keep your employees and customers happy.


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