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Professional Cooking

Updated on June 7, 2013

If you are a person who likes to eat, who loves a fine meal, then you are probably someone who would also like to be a good cook. After all, you can only go out to eat so much before it starts to weigh on your pocketbook and you can only get your friends and family to cook for you once in a while. When it comes down to it, if you like to eat, and like to eat well, then you are going to have to learn how to cook yourself.

What’s more, you are going to have to learn how to cook more than macaroni and cheese from a box or a couple of very simple meals. You might love spaghetti with marinara sauce but how often can you eat that before you get tired of it? Not too many times. Therefore, you are going to have to learn some more advanced cooking skills. You will have to learn some of the procedures and techniques that will allow you to do professional cooking. These skills, those of professional cook, can be learned. And one of the best places to learn them is in the book by Wayne Gisslen called Professional Cooking.

Imagine the possibilities with Professional Cooking.
Imagine the possibilities with Professional Cooking.

All About Professional Cooking

Professional Cooking, by Gisslen, is one of the most well known and trusted of all books on the art of cooking like a professional. The book is now in its seventh printing, and has been teaching people to cook like a pro for many years. Gisslen is a trained chef, has worked in many fine restaurants, and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He writes extensively on the techniques of cooking like a professional and has a number of other books besides Professional Cooking.

In this bible of cooking books, Gisslen tackles many of the best and most necessary of techniques that the cook who wants to do it like a pro will need to know. The newest edition of Professional Cooking contains over 1000 illustrations and photographs, so that following the book’s expert advise is easy and clear. The book also features hundreds of recipes that have been tested and found to be excellent for the professional cook. The seventh edition features more than a 100 new recipes.

The professional cook will also need to know about the subject of equipment used by the pros. This equipment and the proper ways to used it are covered extensively in Professional Cooking. Topics also well explained in the book are those such as culinary science, food measurements, and molecular gastronomy. Professional Cooking gets down to all of the subjects, skills, and knowledge you will require to cook like a professional.

Purchasing Professional Cooking

This book, which is widely considered the leader in the field of professional cooking, is available from many retailers, both in book and cooking stores and online. Although the book has been thoroughly updated in the seventh edition with many more recipes and illustrations, older editions of Professional Cooking can be found used as well.

Of course, when it comes to books, both used and new, one of the best places to go is Amazon not only carries new copies Professional Cooking at the normal cover price, the retailer also lists many used copies of the book at reduced prices. What’s more, you can electronically flip through Professional Cooking at Amazon to get an idea of what the book will cover. Many reviews of the book are provided by those who have purchased it and used it in their own homes or restaurants.

For more in-depth tools and information on the book, you should check out the publisher’s website designed specifically for Professional Cooking at Here you will find information on exactly what the book covers as well as links to many professional cooking websites and information as well as a note from the author to students and instructors. At the Wiley website you can also find out about the Professional Cooking CD-ROM.

As you can see, this book by Gisslen goes above and beyond when it comes to the subject of professional cooking. Now, with this resource at your fingertips, anyone can learn to cook like a true professional. Visit your bookstore or online retailer and see how Professional Cooking can change your experience in the kitchen and at the dining room table as well.


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