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Guides in Raising Red Worms

Updated on December 17, 2011

The best way to have a successful worm composting is to learn the guides in raising red worms.  You know very well that the process would not be complete without the worms so you have to familiarize their likes and dislikes

What composting worms should you raise?

The two most famous are raising Nightcrawlers and Red Wiggler worms (Tiger Worms). However, between the two, Red worms are preferred by many worm raisers while Night Crawlers are chosen by those who are into fishing. Red Wiggler worms have two sexes which mean that even if you have only two worms on hand, they still can reproduce. Their ability to eat much organic wastes is also a good point. Their wastes after feeding on your scraps are really beneficial for your garden.

What to do and not to do?

While Red Wiggler worms are adaptable, they also need attention.  They have to have a home that is comfortable for them.  So a tip in handling composting worms, the home should be aerated (can be achieved by drilling holes in the plastic container), it should be moist as the worms hate a place that is too dry and too wet.  Lime can be included to the bedding materials for a balanced acidity level.  And since Red Wiggler worms cannot perform their job in the presence of light, a clear container is not advisable.

As with the foods, you can do some treatments such as freezing and heating.  These two methods were found to be helpful in breaking down foods faster so that when you put those materials in the bin, it wouldn’t be hard for the worms.

As you go along the process, you’ll discover more guides in raising composting worms which you can use in the future. offers quality organic gardening products. Buy live and healthy worms for composting like Red Wiggler worms and European Nightcrawlers. You can also buy organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other green gardening supplies and equipments here. Visit their site and browse their catalog to know more about their products.


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