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why it is people do like to living - live in small town

Updated on December 3, 2012



'Small is beautiful', Whether it is a baby or a animal, we like the small in size and appreciate. As he or she growing , we used to wonder , why they can't be the small, so that we shall enjoy with their activities throughout the life time. It is not possible for human life. But for the small towns , it is really life that one and all in this world should experience. I may describe the small town , may be of few hundred houses , limited number of shops and limited transport facilities , and limited communication from outside world. May be the last one is not possible for recent days.

But , who lives is small town always has peace of mind and finding harmony in social life. Expecting harmony in social life merely possible in city life. City life concentrating only on money. But in small towns , people come together to conduct festivals , and for their own requirements like road facilities, water facilities, etc., Once they achieve success , the credit doesn't goes to anyone. It is for everyone. In the same town, each and everyone pinpoint others for their success. This is the base for social upcoming


Way back to 1985s , I lived in small town, there you can expect less transport facilities. Hardly you can see the major town twice a month. Even the transport facilities , daily basis operating for six times. Imagize how people where experiencing . But , the Natural beauty of the small town we need to appreciate. That small town is surrounded by a lake and mountains. In the early morning hours you can see the mist. And the way people work starting from morning, really hard work. The start the work , early morning hours say 4.30 am. It starts with factory workers going for the work. The preparation for that should start from 4a.m. Then nearly at 8a.m the children's start preparing for school. School going with walking nearly two kilometers unavoidable. You can not expect the transport for that.

The communication between people is excellent. Every body , whenever they come to meet greet each other. Not like major towns. There you can not be knowing the neighbour. Kind hearted small town people not only share greeting , they share good or bad of neighbours.And the elders respected heartily. Any small functions also , bring the people together. Even , the problems between neighborhood is solved by elders. No need to go for court and wait for judgement nearly your life.

Stress, noise pollution, air pollution, Land pollution, and even cheating of people, Dictionaries new words , you can not find in small towns. People will be trustworthy. And they respect each other.And they have the regards for that. In reality, the small towns has it own value. Comparing to major towns and cities, the Small town is a paradise. O.K. You may not be getting sophisticated facilities like transportation, entertainment, and some of the colourful activities like disco and gambling.

Small towns also having its own entertainment. Starting from some kind of gym activities for youngsters and children's park and women's club. Survival for the fittest , here also communication helps. Who is having good communication skills will be leading the team.As such you can't find any jealous activities. Because it is controlled by elders or they are directing the youngsters.

Small towns still has the farming activities. This is the major advantage for small towns. Unlike the major towns and cities, where you can see only concrete forests. Here in small towns , you can enjoy the natural beauty.

Recognized talents are more in small towns. Unlike in cities and major towns sports with lot of sophistication and facilities , towns are needed less amount which can satisfy the entire community.

Is it benefit able living in small towns

Most young generation prefers living in cities . Do you believe that living in small towns equally entertaining?

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benefits of living in small town

1. Pollution free environment you can enjoy.

2. Competition in business is limited, because of the population and buying capacity.

3. Peaceful life with good social relationships.

4. Safe life with less risk factors.

5. House rents are comparably cheaper.

6. Spending more time with kids is possible.

7. Considerable amount of money can be saved.


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    • profile image

      Sarra Garrett 5 years ago


    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 5 years ago

      Thank u Sarra Garrett for stopping by and commenting on this hub. In True sense, living in small town will give us long lasting memories and experiences of real life.

    • profile image

      Sarra Garrett 5 years ago

      Great hub and voted up. I grew up in a town of 500 people in the mountains of New Hampshire. Moving to major cities after graduating high school to have a career was fine for 25 years. However, I found myself yearning for peace and quiet and farming once again. I currently live in a town of 120 people in the middle of corn fields and cattle. The only noise pollution we have here are the occastional bellowing of the cattle. I love it

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 6 years ago

      It is true ,city are with concrete forests and too much traffic. Thank u for stopping by and commenting on this hub.

    • homesteadpatch profile image

      homesteadpatch 6 years ago from Michigan

      Small towns are the way of life for me. I couldn't handle living in a city. Too much noise, too much traffic, too many darn people!

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Welcome nikitha p for stopping by and commenting.

    • nikitha p profile image

      nikitha p 7 years ago from India

      interesting hub

    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 8 years ago

      Sure, there is good life in small town where everybody seems to know each other. Which town is this that you were brought up?

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It sounds as though you were remembering. Do you now live in a big city? Where do you live?

      Elders deciding things in a small town...sounds like a good plan! In America we do not normally rever our elders like in other countries...and we SHOULD!

    • KCC Big Country profile image

      KCC Big Country 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Thanks for answering my hub request! I agree! I love living in a small town!