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Handy Dustbuster, Cordless And Lightweight

Updated on February 29, 2016
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The Handy Dust Buster, Cordless And Lightweight


How To Keep Your Floor Free Of Little Bits And Pieces

I know, keeping the house clean and tidy is an on-going chore that nobody likes to do. But somehow someone has got to do the donkey's job. This article is about how to maintain a clean and tidy floor with the help of a handy dustbuster, cordless and lightweight. In our Asian tropical homes, we have tiled floors. So we usually have to mop the floor after vacuuming to really make our floor smooth and shining. In a carpeted floor, the dust and little bits and pieces are more often hidden inside the carpet. But with a tiled floor, there is no covering up. Every bits and pieces on the floor will be highlighted, even a single strand of hair. This is when you need a handy cleaning gadget to keep the floor spick-and-span for a longer period. I recommend the cordless and lightweight dust buster. There are many brands and models to choose from.

Advantages Of Using A Dustbuster

The two most outstanding features of the dustbuster are that it is cordless and lightweight. The dustbuster comes with a charger which is either placed on the floor or fixed on the wall. This makes it very handy to use, as there is no dangling wire restricting your movements. All dustbusters are designed for easy handling, and are compact in size. There are also a number of attachments to fix on the nozzle for more specific jobs. Some models have built-in attachments. My dustbuster comes with two attachments. One with a short brush head, and the other a tapered nozzle for more powerful suction. I usually use the tapered nozzle attachment for more effective suction.

As a bonus, they are usually not very pricey. That will be a good reason to invest in one. It is also a good product to buy as a house-warming gift.

My Black & Decker Dustbuster

My dustbuster with the two attachments
My dustbuster with the two attachments | Source

The Tiled Floor Of My Home


Time Is Precious

Time is precious. We wouldn't want to waste our time cleaning floors ever so often. Very frankly, I only vacuum the floor of my home once a week or even longer. Sometimes I will mop the floor after the vacuuming. The best way to keep my floor reasonably clean without constant vacuuming is by using the handy lightweight and cordless dustbuster. In our tropical climate, we usually try to have free flow of ventilation, allowing outside air to circulate the interior of the house. And that is when you have the dust and bits and pieces blown from outside onto our floor. The handy dustbuster will do a quick and efficient job, sucking away those little bits and pieces. The dustbuster is equally effective on hardwood floor.

There is no doubt the dustbuster will also do a great job on carpeted floor. You can easily suck up those little pieces instead of using the bulky vacuum cleaner. The cordless lightweight dustbuster is also very handy for cleaning up seats and settees especially if you have furry pets in the house.

Save Your Strength

You know how cumbersome it is to use the conventional vacuum cleaner. But we still need it to do a thorough cleaning job. So there is no escape from using it. However, we can save our strength when we need to clean up little spaces. Use the cordless lightweight dustbuster. I use my dustbuster several times a day. When I see some dirt, crumbs or hair on the floor, I will just grab my handy dustbuster and give it a once-over, and job's done!

Place Your Dustbuster At The Most Strategic Location

It is most important that you place your dustbuster charger at the most strategic location. Otherwise when the time comes to use it, you may find it too inconvenient to fetch it. Remember, the dustbuster is for doing a quick job, which means you need to be able to grab it with ease and with the least effort within easy reach. No point hiding it in your store-room. You need to be practical on this point, otherwise in no time, your dusbuster will become a white elephant.

Other Uses For The Dustbuster

Apart from cleaning up crumbs and bits and pieces from the floor, there are other useful uses for the dustbuster. I use it to vacuum my car interior, especially the seats and the door pockets. Actually the dustbusters are also commonly called car vacuum cleaners because of their versatility inside the car. The dustbuster is also very effective in cleaning the hard-to-reach air vents and crevices of beds, chairs and settees.

Black and Decker Dustbuster CHV1510 15.6v Review

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