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Home Decorating with Do It Yourself Metal Accents

Updated on November 4, 2011

When it comes to decorating the home, some individuals find it more fulfilling to create decor on their own as apposed to purchasing items. Do it yourself metal accents for home decorating is a stylish alternative that allows an individual with minimal crafting skills to create large beautiful works of art. To create metal accents you will need a pair of pliers, a pair of metal cutters, and some scrap metal. Consider using thin metal wire to combine several small pieces on metal into one large decorative item.

If you have several strips of metal, you can easily create a coat hanger. Select around ten strips of metal ranging from two feet to five feet in length. Combine them into one simple pile, and wrap metal wire tightly around the collection at a one foot height from the bottom. Wrap another piece of wire around the collection at three feet high and four feet high. During the wrapping process, as you go higher you will realize that not all of the metal pieces are going to be wrapped. Bend the metal strips out at the points of wrapping to create several branches around the structure. the more you bend out the metal, the more the coat rack will take the appearance of a tree. Once all of the branches are bent out to your satisfaction, bend the base metal pieces out to create a tree stump to hold up the coat rack, stand it up and hang your coats and hats on each branch.

Candle holders are another simple metal decorative accent. Take a sheet of metal, around six inches wide and twelve inches tall, and cut several notches out of the sheet. These will add beautiful decorative details. Select a point at around three inches from the bottom, and cut out a bottom folding door. You will only need to cut the sides and the top, and gently fold down the metal door to create a shelf for the candle. You can hang this by inserting a nail into one of the decorative cut outs, or by taking metal wire and creating a string system for the candle holder.

If you have several circular metal bars, collect them all together and wrap metal wiring around the center. Bend all of the metal bars into funky shapes and designs, and hang it on the wall. For a more drastic effect, consider wrapping plant vines throughout the metal bars, and add a few flowers as well.

To make a metal bowl, select a thin sheet of metal in any size. The metal should be either square or rectangluar. Cut inward at the corners until you reach you desired debt, and gently fold up the sides of the metal to create a bowl like structure. If you prefer, you can cut little designs out of the walls of the bowls for more detail. You can choose to fold the cut corners over each other for a more traditional look, or bend the corners out and wrap them in metal wire for a decorative touch. Complete the project by adding fake fruits or shaped metal to the bowl. You may even choose to create a series of small bowls to place on the table if you prefer. This can be beautiful table top candle holders.


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