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Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat

Updated on November 10, 2011

Best Price for Honeywell Prestige HD and Outdoor Sensor

The Future of Programmable Thermostats

The Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat represents the future of programmable thermostat technology. It has a RedLINK™ wireless capacity to connect with an outdoor sensor, a portable comfort control device called a 'comfort station', a humidifier and a dehumidifier to give you complete control of your indoor climate from one integrated device.

And it not just a matter of giving you control of all the aspects of heating, cooling and humidity control that makes the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat special, it is the way the thermostat processes and displays the information that is unique. No other programmable thermostat has the same sharp color high definition graphics or the same easy to use interface. In consumer tests the Honeywell Prestige HD was given 9.5 out of 10 for ease of use. This is because through the touchscreen the thermostat gives you simple choices and asks you questions to prompt your responses. There is an interview wizard mode that lets even the most techno-phobe person quickly put in their daily settings.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Honeywell Prestige is a powerful little computer that doesn’t only just take orders - it can also make recommendations for settings. If connected to an outdoor sensor the thermostat will suggest the best settings for comfort and energy efficiency. And similarly, if you have a humidifier and or dehumidifier the unit will analyze relative humidity levels outside and make recommendations for humidity levels indoors.

Wi-Fi Control

Another exciting part of the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat is its ability to wirelessly connect with a comfort station. This can be bought with the thermostat or separately. The Comfort Control is a small hand held touchscreen that you can take around the house with you. It is like a master control that lets you check the temperature inside and out (if the outdoor sensor is connected) and lets you make alterations to all the thermostats in the house (up to 16 thermostats). Not only is it the ultimate in armchair programming but it also lets you be more energy efficient – as you move around the house it is easy to turn the thermostat on low for those parts of the house no longer being used.


Getting back to the Honeywell Prestige HD, it has 7 day programming with 4 different periods per day. It can be installed onto most 24 Volt HVAC systems including 2 stage heating and 2 stage cooling. It can also accommodate heat pumps with 3 stage heating and 2 stage cooling.

The Honeywell Prestige HD costs $362 on its own. In a kit with an outdoor sensor it costs about $400 and in a kit with outdoor sensor and comfort station it costs $456. It needs to be hardwired to the HVAC and because of the sophisticated nature of the equipment Honeywell advices people not to attempt installation themselves but instead get in a professional. Price is certainly a big issue with this thermostat. Even with the money saving potential of being able to cut out waste and use off-peak electricity the Honeywell Prestige HD with or without outdoor sensor and comfort control represents a big financial outlay. I guess if you have a house where you might need to install 16 thermostats the cost might not seem significant.

It is also interesting to note that the Honeywell Prestige HD has smart response technology to pre-heat or pre-cool a room and has auto change-over technology to switch automatically between heating and cooling with the changing of the seasons. And it also has a real time clock that remains accurate even after a power outage that keeps track of changes due to day light saving. But what the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat doesn’t have is swing control.

Swing control is a feature that is absent from all Honeywell thermostats. They are all fixed to a +/- 1 Fahrenheit accuracy. Any deviation in room temperature of more than 1 degree prompts the thermostat to cycle the heating or cooling. This is a curious omission on Honeywell’s part. I presume that Honeywell has the future in mind. Modern HVAC systems have their own inbuilt systems protecting them from the potential damage caused by short cycling. These modern systems tend to be quieter and more energy efficient too. That would explain why the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat can be installed to 3 stage heat pumps. For people who live in a part of the country with exceptionally hot summers or cold winters and who have old furnaces etc. it is recommended that you speak to a professional about this issue before buying a Prestige HD.

One surprising feature found on this Honeywell that is absent on other Honeywell thermostats is keyboard lockout. This is one of the reasons why some people choose a Lux Products thermostat instead of a Honeywell. The deficit is rectified on the Honeywell Prestige HD. It lets you protect your settings with a 4 digit number. Just remember to write the number down somewhere in case you forget it.


Here’s a bullet point summary of the features found on the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat

  • 7 Day programming with 4 different periods per day
  • RedLINK enabled wireless connectivity to amongst other devices an outdoor monitor and comfort control
  • Smart recovery or adaptive intelligent recovery
  • Interview wizard for very easy programming
  • Humidity readout and control (if a humidifier or dehumidifier is attached to the HVAC)
  • Programming in English, French or Spanish
  • Replacement warnings for the filter, bulb, humidifier pad and outdoor sensor batteries
  • USB port to upload/download program settings and dealer support information
  • Keyboard lockout
  • 3 Fan settings
  • Multiple holds and vacation mode
  • High Resolution display with adjustable back light
  • Compatible with up to 2 stage heating and 2 stage cooling; and with heat pumps that have up to 2 stage cooling and up to 3 stage heating
  • Ability to remotely program all Prestige HD thermostats in the house via a Comfort Control unit

Find Out More - Watch the Video

For a better understanding of the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat watch this short video.


If you have been doing your homework because you have been thinking about installing a Honeywell Prestige for the house you cannot be fail to be impressed by this thermostat. It is only possibly the thought of the high price and the feeling that it all looks too complicated that might put you off. It is sophisticated equipment but from a user point of view it is not complicated.

Reviews of the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat naturally focus a lot on all the amazing features the device has and the beautiful display. People are generally happy with their Honeywell Prestige HD thermostats. The convenience of the Comfort Station gets glowing reports but 1 Amazon reviewer bemoans the lack of a humidity read out on the Comfort Station.

A number of customers report that they successfully managed to install the thermostat themselves. One helpful reviewer makes the point that the installers code is the manufacturers date which is a 4 digit number that can be found on the back panel.


If you want a state of the art programmable thermostat and price is not an issue then the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat is the device for you. There is no doubt that Honeywell has raised the bar with this product. The only small reservations concern swing control, the lack of a humidity display on the Comfort Station and the lack of Honeywell support for those people who wish to install the device themselves.


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