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Lux Products TX500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat

Updated on February 10, 2018

Programmable thermostat under $30

The Lux Products TX500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat represents excellent value at just$28 on It is a device that offers the user 5+2 programming and number of useful functions.

The Lux Products TX500E Smart Temp is the model down from the Lux TX1500E Smart Temp. The two models look very similar. The only difference in appearance is that the Lux TX500E doesn’t have a back light. In terms of power the Lux TX1500E offers 3 program slots – weekdays, Saturday and Sunday; whereas the Lux TX500E has just 2 programs – weekdays and weekend. This means that the Lux products TX500E is more suited for people who keep regular hours during the week and who also get up and go to bed at the same time at the weekend. For each of the 2 programs there are 4 periods – wake, leave, return, sleep.

The Lux TX500E also has a programmable vacation mode. This is designed to let the user set up a different program while he or she is away. However, the vacation mode program can also be used as an extra program slot to account for a day off during the week or a unique program for Sunday (when you might go to bed earlier than on Saturday night).

Despite its cheap price the Lux TX500E is remarkably powerful. It has an adjustable swing control and has a minimum ‘burst’ setting. These features stop short cycling and help to stop the HVAC systems from wearing out.

Moreover, the user can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for the display. There is also a battery warning and a filter change warning.

The thermostat can cycle the fan. It also has a temporary hold button to allow the user to suspend the programmed settings for a short period. This is useful to allow for times when people stay up late or during holidays at home.

There is also a keyboard lockout function on the thermostat to protect it against other people tampering with the programmed settings.

Best Price for Lux TX500E, TX1500E & TX9100E

Reviews of the Lux TX500E

Reviews of the Lux Products TX500E show that it is an easy thermostat to install and program. Most people find the Lux patented Speed Dial convenient for quick programming. Also people like the default settings that demonstrate the optimum settings for reducing heating and cooling bills. If the default settings are used Lux Products estimates that $500 a year can be saved on heating and cooling bills.

The unit is under warranty for 1 year. Some reviews give the model a lifespan of 5 years other people say that it continues to work fine for 10 or more years. Even at the worst case scenario of 5 years the thermostat pays for itself many times over. This thermostat is perfect for those with ‘9 to 5’ jobs who want a cheap and reliable programmable thermostat that will save them money.


  • 5+2 programming with 4 periods per program
  • Extra program slot available in the vacation mode
  • Temporary hold
  • Speed Dial
  • Energy Star default settings
  • Can cycle fan
  • Swing control
  • Keyboard lockout
  • Battery low warning
  • Filter change warning
  • Mercury free display

Comparison with Honeywell RTH221B

The Lux Products TX500E is a 5+2 device (2 program slots); whereas the Honeywell RTH221B is 1 week thermostat (1 program slot). The only function on the Honeywell RTH221B is temporary hold. In contrast the Lux TX500E has vacation mode, swing control, temporary hold and keyboard lockout. Considering the Lux TX500E Smart temp is only $6 more than the Honeywell RTH221B it is clear which thermostat is the best value.


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