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Choosing High Quality Bedsheets for Your Bedroom

Updated on August 11, 2015

How To Choose The Perfect Bed sheets for Your Bedroom

When people use their imaginations, they tend to make some critical decisions especially on bedroom decorating and transformation. After a days work you deserve the best relaxing environment. Turning your imagination to reality yields the best results in your bed room. Bedsheets are your best companions as they soothe you to sleep. Choosing high quality bedding's over the best foam mattress gives you the comfort ever throughout the night.

There are various bedroom ideas that you can implement and deciding on your bed sheets can be a tricky affair. The many varieties of bedding's in the market can confuse anyone. Shopping for bed linen calls for time and patience but to simplify all this, below are some specific details that you need to look for beyond the labels and packaging of bedsheets; these can be deceiving and you end up buying something which is substandard.

How to Choose the Right Bed sheet Materials

Your bedroom deserves the best and the bedding linen material is very important and there are three factors you need to consider when buying them; how durable they are, the level of comfort and how much they allow you to breathe when sleeping. These can fulfill your imagination of ones that massage your skin contours giving you a soap and sponge like sleep feeling. Your dream will definitely be the cotton choice.

Hand testing the cotton material gauge might not necessarily mean it is original. The best quality and feel is achieved when blended with rayon due to its ability to trap your body heat and allowing in cool air during warm seasons. Think of the weight as well since you do not want to carry some luggage the entire night.

Egyptian cotton is the standard measure and known to be the best. Others to try include Sea Island and Pima. It is important to note that some unscrupulous dealers use these terms loosely and can mislead thus you need to scrutinize the packaging to make certain that it is 100% genuine from its softness and a fulfilling feel.

Set Your Budget for Your Bed Sheets

Depending on your budget, you can opt for bamboo blended cotton material since in its natural form, bamboo has unique attributes when it comes to sheets; it is a moisture absorbing material and not harbor microbes hence worth trying.

If you advocate for green homes, rayon, cotton and bamboo is ecofriendly. On the other hand, they blend easily with many modern bedroom wall detailing.

For people living in hot climatic zones and love ironing linen is the best choice. If you are the romantic type, you can spice up your bedroom with satin which is slippery on your body. These are easy to customize by monograming them in line with your luxurious bedroom.

Tips on Bed Sheets Thread Count

Bed sheet thread count simply means the total number of threads per square foot. The higher the number, the softer the fabric. This theory only applies to materials that are genuine like the Egyptian cotton. Moderate thread count is usually comfortable than a high one which might tend to be stiff before the first wash.

How to Analyze Bed Sheet Weave Type

Buyers usually go for soft weave as opposed to crispy types. This, though, is where personal preference comes in to play. The flatly knit usually give a softer touch though this makes them slightly slippery. The flannel cotton sheets can be the best option for those who live in cold climate areas.

Keep Bed Size Fitting in Mind

Always have the 'extra large' mentality when buying sheets. The bed or mattress size should guide you on the sheet sizes as well. You also need to consider those with elastic lining. Twin, queen or king size beds require different measurements for the perfect fit. Tightly fitted ones do not last long neither do they give you the much sought after softness and comfort.

All said and done, your perfect bedroom dream lies squarely on you choices and the above pointers will make you choose the perfect bed sheets for your perfect bedroom.

With these quality bed sheets choosing tips, you can transform your bedroom and make it a place to relax and unwind. On the other hand, you do not have to break the bank to bring your dream bedroom into reality.


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