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How To Clean Home Windows

Updated on October 22, 2011

Windows, for sure, are one of main and to be noticed things of houses. If windows are dirty it seems that more than half of house of out of order and housed has not cleaned from ages. Anyone come to visit your place will surely notice windows.

We all are aware of the fact that the fairer sex concern about these cleaning issue like freaks. It would not feel good at all if your neighborhood friend visit your home and point dirt on window frames.

Cleaning of home windows does not take much time. But if the windows are cleaned and sparkling, whole of your home-sweet-home would shine. Some of the families prefer to call professional window cleaning services. But you have pay a heavy amount against those services. Cleaning windows is easy and so much time taking.

Before going on steps how to clean windows we have look what things are going to be needed.

  • Ammonia for tough stains
  • Detergent and vinegar to give shine
  • Sponge and nylon mesh.
  • Washing-up liquid.
  • A bowl for making solution.
  • Bucket to carry water.
  • Paper towels.

Now come on the steps you have to follow to clean windows.

Prepare Cleaning Solution

Prepare a solution by mixing a little amount of washing – up solution or ammonia in water, you may add a little amount of vinegar as vinegar gives shine to glass, in a bowl.

Make just that much amount of solution you think going to be needed. If you make it in excessive amount, it will be waste of ammonia, washing – up solution and vinegar. Use a little amount of water as excessive amount cause streaking on glass.

In case you do not have ammonia or washing up solution right at time, you can use detergent as alternate.

Some Other Cleaning Solution Than Ammonia

Use a little amount of vinegar and add water in it. It is a good solution to cut grease and oily dust from the glass. This solution is good agent to treat tough stains.Use juice of a lemon in about 2 cups of water. This solution, because of being acidic in nature, works quickly to cut off dust and dirt.

Using Sponge

Dip sponge in solution, and allow it to absorb solution for few seconds. If you want more shine on windows’ glass then wrapped sponge with nylon mesh. Nylon mesh gives shine to glass with making scratches on it. It will make you windows squeaky clean. 

Method Of Using Sponge On Windows

At first, clean the surface of the window. Move your sponge vertically, horizontal and diagonal. Pay particular attention to the corners of the windows. Do not use excessive amount of solution in sponge as it streaks or patches on glass when dried. Put a little pressure to clean dirt patches and spots from the windows’ glass.

Caution: Putting a lot of pressure may cause breakage of glass.

Using Squeegee

Dip squeegee in the bucket of clean water. Move it vertically on the window glass. Start from the top and stop few inches before the bottom. Do not use excessive amount of water, it may cause streaks on glass.

Dry It With Paper Towel

Just after using squeegee use paper towel to dry it. And do it quickly before moisture goes dry, because if moisture got dry from the glass it will cause streaks on glass.

Rub the glass with speedy motion in both directions; horizontal (side by side) and vertically (top to bottom). In this manner you’ll avoid maximum streaks and your windows will be squeaky clean and shining.

Some Useful Things

  • You can use crumpled paper instead on paper towel. It gives same shinning effect to your windows.

  • Do clean windows from both sides (inside and outside) in both directions (horizontal and vertical)
  • If it is too much hot, or sunny out there. Then avoid cleaning windows which open outside. Because due to hot weather moisture dried quickly and it will cause streaks on the glass.
  • For better shine after cleaning windows with sponge and drying it with squeegee, fill cleaning solution in spray bottle and spray it on window glass.
  • For extra ordinary shine, spray cleaning solution on glass and rub it with crumpled paper or paper towel.

House Window Cleaning Tips


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    • profile image

      pinky1212 6 years ago

      the great thing about Powglass is that it leaves no streaks even on the hot surface when i do my car windows. love it.

    • great-advice profile image

      great-advice 6 years ago from Colorado

      great post. one mistake many people make is clean their glass on the sun.

      I love Powglass that has a buffing agent in it - does a great job.