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Folding A Dinner Napkin

Updated on August 21, 2013

How To Begin

Proper Folding of A Dinner Napkin

It is so much fun to have a dinner table or breakfast table original and appealing with your creative touches. Folding a dinner napkin well will enchance the presentation of your meal. It does not take any longer to fold a napkin with a professional touch. Here are three simple steps that wiil take only seconds to complete. They will add class and finesse to your dinner table.

Take your dinner napkin and lay it flat on a surface for folding. I fold my napkins as they come out of the dryer and store them already folded.

Fold the cloth in half. Most napkins are made square in shape. It should not matter which direction you fold unless there is a special design or frayed edge you are trying to hide.

The Next Step

Step Two

Take the half folded napkin and press it with your hand so that it is smooth. Fold one half of the material into the center as shown. Then fold the other half to the center. It may take a couple of tries to find your center, but it will fold better if the halves are equal.


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Step Three is Easy

Complete your napkin by folding it in half. Quickly run your hand over it to make it smooth. Your napkin now has no rough outside edges. There should be folds on both sides. That is a professional finish.

When placing the napkin on the table, put it to the left of the plate. I place it one inch off of the edge of the table. Place all of the napkins in an identical manner. This will add uniformity to your look.

The Finish

A tablecloth or placemats will add to your table. Even an undecorated eating surface will look better with your professionally folded napkin. Your family will appreciate your efforts and your guests will be impressed.

To fold your towels professionally, check out my other blogs. Good job!

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  • sam-eg profile image

    sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

    Hi,an easy way to add touch to your table and pics to illustrate it well, thx for your share it' s really nice to know more about the dinner set