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Kitchen Sink Storage

Updated on February 9, 2019

Organize your Space

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Reorganize Under Your Sink

My Mom had a leak under her sink and after the plumber paid a visit, it was time to organize her sink cabinet. I had other things on my agenda, but knew I needed to help her with the cleanup. We organized her cabinet area in a short period of time. Let me explain the process!

After cleaning out the wet area, we tossed out all of the soaked items that were no longer useful! We made a trip to the Dollar Store and purchased four plastic baskets or small crates for Four Dollars! These containers were a deal. Our next obstacle was to group all of the similar items into the storage bins. The cleaning items that are rarely used were stored in the container at the back of the shelf under the sink. Items that are used on a daily or weekly basis were placed at the front of the cabinet to allow for easy access. With an extra container and room to spare, we put hot pads and dish towels in a front bin under the sink. With shelf storage at a premium, the extra space and organization were welcome. As we finished our little project, we noted that the change was remarkable and very pleasing to the eye!

Utilize the Space

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Reorganization Requires Planning

I had my own water drip under the kitchen cabinet during some severely cold weather. The outside pipe did not break, but there was a leak under the sink that needed attention. For a week the fan blew air into the wet cabinets to dry them out. As it dried out, I was ready to return my cleaning items to their storage area.

My first job was to toss out any products that I never used. I bagged these for special trash days when chemical containers are picked up. I trashed a few soggy items that I didn't want to mess with. After cleaning the surface of the cabinet, I was ready to fill up the space again. My thought was to clean the cabinet shelf well and not have to reorganize for a l-o-n-g time.

I had a few plastic containers that I used to make supplies more reachable and to create more space. All of my dog items were placed into one plastic basket that can be removed easily. Items that I rarely use were put into a basket in the back of my cabinet. Items that I use on a regular basis I grouped together toward the front of the shelf. For example, all of my furniture polish is shelved together. My boxes of supplies are stacked together. I had purchased items that I did not yet need. As a result, there were several cans or bottles of the same thing. My goal is to use all of what I have before buying more and eliminate some containers under my sink. Taking an inventory of my cabinet should help me plan my purchases better and keep me organized.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but in the middle of the shelf is a white plastic container, propped on its side. It contains rubber gloves, clean sponges, etc. With little or no effort, I can remove this container for easy access.

As a result of my reorganization, I feel better about my home and am not afraid to open kitchen cabinets around visitors. As the family organizer, I have tackled some other projects in my kitchen just recently. I cleaned and organized my pan lids under the stove for the first time in five years.

The project that you tackle needs a plan. Take what you have and add a purpose to the way that it is stored. It will help you locate items quickly and keep you sane! Have fun!


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