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Paint Color for Your Kitchen: How to Choose the Right One for You

Updated on July 27, 2015

Make your family meals more pleasant with the right color


The colors you choose for your kitchen can influence how well your children behave at the table, the taste of your food, and your digestion.

Bright yellow for years was a popular choice for kitchens and dining areas. People believed it made for a cheery atmosphere. This may be true, if you are not a small child.

Small children love bright, primary colors. These colors "excite" them. Bright reds, yellows, and blues are stimulating colors, and do physically impact the human body, particularly young bodies susceptible to stimulation.

If you paint your dining area bright yellow, your children will very likely become fidgety, distracted, and irritable while sitting at the table. There's simply too much yellow.

If yellow is your color of choice, you can still use it. All you need do is choose a lighter shade, more creamy than bright. Then add a bright yellow accent, such as a vase, a water pitcher, a print.

The colors will create a calmer atmosphere, conducive to sitting at the table, and enjoying a meal.

And that's the whole point of the dining area, to enjoy a meal. But why is it that ham and eggs in one kitchen tastes so good, while in another they taste too salty or bland?

Lighting and Color

Lighting influences color. How your food tastes, to you, is largely due to what it looks like. You eat with your eyes first.

If your walls are bright white, and your only lighting is an overhead bulb, those ham and eggs are going to look yellowish. You may not perceive this subtle color shift, but it's there. Your brain processes the food with a yellow cast and tells your tongue this food tastes old.

If there is no natural light coming into your dining area, there are two steps you can take. First, use the more energy efficient fluorescent coil bulbs. Unlike the fluorescent bulbs of yesteryear, these emit a soft, clean light.

For your walls, choose a deeper color, a neutral tone that won't bounce light off the walls. Wheat colors, leafy greens, and creamy beige tones all work well in a room with no natural light.

If your dining area does have natural light, exploit it. Paint your walls with a bolder color, allowing the natural light to bring a glow to the space.

But remember to stay away from primary colors. Instead, choose a tone that compliments the incoming light. For example, if your window faces north, choose a warmer color to counteract the cool blue undertone. For a southern exposure, cool things down with a smooth blue or green.

By balancing the light and color, your food is more likely to look more natural, and so taste better.

When food tastes better, you tend to relish it, and so eat a little more slowly. This helps your digestion. Furthermore, enjoying your meal puts you, and so your body, in a more relaxed state. This also aids in digestion.

Relaxing and taking pleasure in sharing a meal with your family is an important part of family life. Your dining area colors are an important element in creating the right atmosphere for your family meals.


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    • monitor profile image


      10 years ago from The world.

      I started to feel better just imagining some of these colour hints. It's true isn't it colour effects how we are. Thank you for your article.

      Your fan.



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