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How to Easily Organise and Declutter Your Kitchen and Bathroom.

Updated on August 23, 2014

Clutter has a way of pulling down our confidence and peace and its definite that each one of us has at one point in life experienced this. When you get into a kitchen with a sink full of utensils and the table or kitchen surfaces cluttered with knives and cutting boards or when you enter a bathroom with a sink that contains beards or hair; quite disgusting, disarranged tubs of cream, toothpaste and toiletries, you experience a feeling of confusion and you may have a really hard time deciding where to start your cleaning or organization. This article will enlighten you on how to easily organise and declutter your kitchen. With proper planning and preparation, it could take you less than an hour to have both your kitchen and bathroom in good shape.

1. Set a specific date. The first important step to take is scheduling a date for the cleaning and buy all the supplies you will need. Do you need both your bathroom and your kitchen cleaned on the same day or on two different occasions? Ask yourself if you will need any storage facilities during your cleaning and if you will need cleaning products. After this you can easily determine the best day and time to organise these rooms and get rid of clutter. Planning for this day will enable you to re-schedule any other plans that come after this and to have a rough idea of what you want your kitchen and bathroom to look like.

Kitchen clutter.
Kitchen clutter. | Source

2. Starting with the kitchen,
i. Start with the counter tops, tables and flat surfaces like refrigerator tops. Clear them up, wipe them with soapy water and try them. Then start arranging frequently used items like the coffee maker, electric kettle, cooking utensils and crockery on top of the counter. Place every item in its rightful position.
ii. Sort the cabinets and determine whether the constituents need to be kept, thrown, donated, sold or recycled. This will help you to know what to return inside the cabinets. Store items that are rarely used deep inside the cabinet while those used frequently at the nearest end. Empty jars and bottles should be discarded into the bin or recycled later. Useful containers like those containing cooking ingredients should be stacked neatly with labels facing forward for easier and faster identification.
iii. Clear old food from your refrigerator and rearrange the fruits and vegetables into correct compartments. Items should be arranged depending on their height relative to the size of the refrigerator compartments to maximize on space.
iv. Place all the appliances that belong to the kitchen int heir rightful storage spaces and have their cords wrapped neatly. Dirty utensils should be placed into the sink or dishwasher to await washing.
v. Have a large bin, probably your laundry basket to drop all items that do not belong to the kitchen. As you sort through stuff in your kitchen, find items that belong to other rooms and place them in this basket.

Dirty Utensils
Dirty Utensils | Source

vi. Clean all the dirty utensils in the sink using soap and water. After that, clean and dry the sink, sweep and mop the floor or vacuum all its corners

3. Moving to your bathroom,
i. Clean the sink and remove all strings of dental floss or strands of hair. Clear up the counter tops and wipe them with soap and water and rearrange your items back in place with the damaged ones and those that are not in use being placed in the bin to await sorting.

Dirty bathroom sink
Dirty bathroom sink | Source

ii. Have your laundry basket ready. As you sort through items in your bathroom, place those that do not belong here into this basket. These include the clothes and dirty towels that will go to the laundry room, misplaced jewellery, shoes and cosmetics. Empty bottles should be placed in the bin.

iii. Empty all the cabinets and determine whether the constituents need to be placed on the counter top, returned into the cabinet, donated or thrown away. This will determine what you do with each item. Store each item in its rightful place.

iv. Sort the drawers under the sink, place all items in their rightful positions and have them neatly arranged. This is the perfect storage place for cleaning appliances like brushes, brooms and cleaning products like detergents.

v. Sort whats left on the floor and decide what you will do with each item.

vi. Wipe the mirrors and windows using window cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Mop the floor using soap and water and vacuum the carpets. You may also have to clean the area rugs by shaking them to remove dirt and dust.

4. Return all the items in the laundry basket to their respective rooms.
These are very easy but effective tips on how to organise and declutter your kitchen and bathroom.

A clean bathroom after decluttering.
A clean bathroom after decluttering. | Source

It is my greatest hope that the above tips will help you in clearing up clutter from your kitchen and bathroom. Considering the fact that these two are most probably the dirtiest rooms in any house, you should have a solid plan before embarking on this task. You should have all the supplies ready and easily accessible when you start the decluttering process. And you will have every reason to smile at the sight of your beautiful and organized kitchen and bathroom from a job well done and quickly done.

Thanks a lot for reading this far. Please feel free to comment below. It is always a great pleasure interacting with you.

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