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How to Get Rid Of Bugs In and Around the Home this Summer

Updated on June 18, 2015
Roaches love the summer heat
Roaches love the summer heat | Source

Summer Bugs Driving You Crazy?

What would make a grown man yell at the top of his lungs as he stumps his feet up and down in a robot motion as if he is enraged with the ground? What would cause a pretty lady to smack herself right in the face and then frantically turn and smack her friend? What would cause an elderly woman, drinking her morning coffee, to roll newspaper and start batting the air?

While it may seem that something have terribly gone wrong with these individuals, they actually have good reason to act the way they are. If you read closely and imagine their situation, you will realize that they are being attack or pestered by one of the four known summer pest: the yellow fly, the cockroach, the fly and the mosquito. If these nuisances are in your neighbor, here are some ways you can defeat them this summer.

Avoiding the Yellow Fly

The yellow fly can deliver a mean itch. Anyone who has ever been bitten by one can attest to its cruel bite. I have had two encounters with the yellow fly and hope to keep it that way. My first encounter was at an outdoor party. The second was while sitting in front of a lake. Both times I was bitten on the foot and the area was itching for days.

The best way to avoid yellow flies is to wear proper clothing and wear a good repellent. If you have already been bitten by one of these critters, there are several remedies you can use to treat their bites.

Summer Heat Brings More Roaches

The summer humidity seems to bring in more cockroaches around or inside homes. This can be such a nuisances to individuals who don't care for the site of cockroaches such as myself. If your doors and windows have cracks in them, small or tiny, roaches can find their way inside your home. Having those summer rains don't help either because they seem to drive them in even more.

While you can't go around trying to stomp them all, you can invest in either a paid service that can spray around your home or you can purchase traps or bug sprays from your local department store. I have used sticky pads that are normally used for rats with success in catching roaches or keeping them from coming inside my home. Peppermint oil can also be used as a natural repellent if you aren't crazy about spraying chemicals.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away Naturally

Mosquitoes have long been a nuisance to many. These blood suckers seem to prey on anyone, they don't discriminate. Repelling them or keeping them at bay can be quite easy. Peppermint, lemon, and catnip have helped many to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. These are herbs and oils that you can find at your local health food store. However, you do want to be careful when applying essential oils to the skin. Some people are sensitive to oils and should mixed them with a base oil such as olive or coconut oil.

Another mosquito repellent that is excellent is basil oil. When I didn't have it on had, I just simple rub basil leaves (crushed) mixed with olive oil on my skin to keep the mosquitoes away. while it was pretty messy, it got the job done. I only had to spend a few minutes washing it off when I was done with my outdoor activity versus having to spend hours or days itching from multiple bites.

Keeping the Flies Out

Cockroaches aren't the only ones that like the summer heat, flies love it too. It seems that as soon as you open your door, these fast flying critters make their way in. Flies can seem inescapable, but they are not unbeatable. Many have taken an interest in the screens that you can put up over your door if you don't have a storm door. These screams are suppose to keep bugs out of your home without you having to close your door.

Electronic bug zappers are also on the market, these get rid of flies and other flying critters without the use of chemical sprays. You can also try using fly traps and different types of herbs to keep flies out.


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