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How to Grow the Garden Shrub Cinquefoils in the Garden or Backyard

Updated on October 22, 2012
Cinquefoils are a showy garden shrub.
Cinquefoils are a showy garden shrub. | Source

Cinquefoils - Pretty Garden Shrub

Cinquefoils are pretty shrubs to add to the garden, and they make attractive lawn borders. They have tiny flowers that come in shades of white, yellow and orange. They are perfect for areas that are experiencing little rainfall as they are drought tolerant. Garden tips for growing cinquefoil plants include finding a good growing spot for it, digging an appropriate sized hole, and mulching well after planting.

The first thing to do is find a spot in the garden or yard for the cinquefoil. They aren't a high growing bush, so they don't go well in the back of larger or tall growing plants. Find a sunny spot with soil that drains easy. They can be a showy, so placing it in front of a taller plain shrub would be appropriate.

Measure the container that the cinquefoil is in. This is to gauge how big the hole in the ground needs to be. The hole should be about twice or so than size of the rootball. Now take the shovel and dig the hole in the desired spot of the lawn.

Remove the plant from the plastic container and loosen by gently pressing. Place the rootball of the cinquefoil shrub inside the hole. Carefully replace the dirt surrounding the rootball. Mulch the top of the surrounding dug ground and water the plant slowly and well.

Take care of the plant once it has been established. Each year, prune the cinquefoil in winter to encourage new growth. When planted in extremely hot areas, mulch the surrounding ground to help keep it cool. Japanese beetles like to eat cinquefoil so be on the lookout for them and remove them as they are spotted.


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